How To Know The Mind Of God? Reading the Mind of God

How Can We Have The Mind of God?

‘I want to know God’s thoughts…the rest are details.’ Albert Einstein

There’s a funny thing about opinions. Everyone has one.

Then there’s everybody’s viewpoint on things of a religious nature. It’s often hard to discover a point of agreement.

How To Know The Mind Of God? Reading the Mind of God

One man can read a piece of spiritual or wisdom literature and get one interpretation while another man will read the very same portion and his understanding will be positioned as far as the north pole is from the south.

I am a Christian, and yet at times I can empathize with Mahatma Gandhi when he said ‘I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians’. Or I can stand alongside my younger second cousin who loves only the red letters in the Bible – because they are the very words of Christ.

However, I am also aware that if I want to find perfection in any man-made organised religion, built upon ‘faith’, I best not join, because by me joining imperfection would have entered.

And let’s be completely honest – in every faith throughout history there has been the good, the bad and the ugly within their ranks. The value of a faith cannot be judged by who believes, but rather in whom we believe.

The Cathedral Of Nature

Today I set forth with my wife on a bush walk in bush land not too far from where I live.

I marveled at the size of the trees stated to be 1,000 years old. I fondled the miniscule fronds of moss that seemed to cover nearly every tree I passed in the damp undergrowth. I was moved as I watched my view from a lookout suddenly disappear before my very eyes as low-lying cloud floated by turning the green canvass into a sea of misty white.

I paused and watched as a small bird flit here and there scratching for food with legs that were seemingly too big for her body – but yet so effective for foraging.

I breathed in the cool air as I walked under a fascinating feature called Natural Bridge – a huge cavern – home to small bats and glow worms that has a waterfall flowing through the opening into the rushing creek below – a natural rock covering scoured out by water throughout the centuries.

And then I watch what men do to each other and what man does to this beauty we call creation – and I wonder.

Unraveling The Mind Of God

To be honest I have difficulty in comprehending the mind of God with my miniscule computer found between my ears that is so intimately entwined, as if by an invisible piece of string, to my heart.

All I can declare is this: that God is far greater in patience, far expanded in love, far fuller in understanding than I could ever be. For the God I know is the ‘General of the Universe’.

But I would have to say this – that walking through the forest today there were moments where I captured just a glimpse of the mind behind the amazing diversity and array that engulfed my senses – and it is in those moments that I desired to be as Albert Einstein – and know more of God’s thoughts.

For truly, if you know God’s thoughts, what else is there to know?

For to seek is to find. To ask is to be answered. To knock is to have the door opened – the door to our inner man.

The key to a man and woman’s heart is through the incessant desire to know whom is responsible for the universe within which we have been thrust.

The Need For Discernment

However, so much is presented to us through the agency of men in the form, often cleverly disguised, of guilt. And yet when I imbibe nature’s gift that is freely bestowed upon me I sense liberty and love – totally guilt free.

The mind of God liberates whereas the hand of man can at times imprison.

May I urge you to clearly delineate between the two – for at times the defining differences can be muddied, and you can suddenly find yourself in chains. Let me enlighten you – that when men say ‘God said’ – first check with the original author.

I sometimes wonder whether a man’s agenda, though no matter how holy and logical it is presented to me at times, is really God’s agenda.

My prayer for you is to know freedom, to know peace, to experience true love, to be steered by your divine compass within, your uniqueness, to be comfortable in your own skin and to be empowered to pursue your destiny like never before – because you have had a glimpse into the very mind of God.

What are God’s thoughts towards you today?