Magnify Your Mind: Open Your Mind And Expand Your Worldview

How to Expand Your Mind: Magnify your mind and watch your life expand explosively

I love my mind.

Why you may ask? Because no matter how much I put into it, it never explodes. It is a reservoir that is always thirsty for fresh revelation and new insight. It is hungrier than a lion and more voracious than a tiger.

Magnify Your Mind: Open Your Mind And Expand Your Worldview

How hungry, you might say, can that be? Well here are the pile of books next to my bed that I’m currently reading or will be reading in the very near future.

I’ve included the titles as well as the authors:

The Bible – God in collaboration with a few well known authors.

Marie Curie and the Discovery of Radium – Ann E. Steinke

The Worldy Philosophers – Robert Heilbroner

Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity – Robert Cwiklik

Shattered Dreams – The Story of Mary Todd Lincoln – David Collins

Alexander The Great – Alan Fildes & Joann Fletcher

Retire Young, Retire Rich – Robert Kiyosaki

The Book of David (subject of the film ‘Shine’) – Beverley Eley

Money Secrets of the Rich – John R. Burley

Teachings from the Worldly Philosophy – Robert Heilbroner

Creating Wealth – Robert G. Allen

Multiple Streams of Income – Robert G. Allen

The One Minute Millionaire – Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen

In addition I have a notepad and a pen beside my bed to jot down those thoughts that fly into my head and wake me up at 2.00 am in the morning.

My most precious possession you might ask? My personal library….so let’s explore how you too can magnify or expand your mind.

How many books do I read at once? I generally have three or four going all at once in order to magnify my mind.

I have met many people in my lifetime who declare that ‘I’m not a reader’. Well, I have a son who tried to convince me of that fact. And if you would have taken a look at his previous reading track record, all of us, including his teachers, would have agreed that he was not a reader.

But it wasn’t until I hit his hot button and found out that he had a keen interest in reading autobiographies and biographies, that overnight he was transformed from a non-reader into a reader.

Every night, before he goes to sleep, I find him reading. Does he like every book that he picks up to read? No.

The fact is, I’m the same.

You don’t have to read every book you pick up. If it doesn’t hit the spot or the writer is atrocious, or for whatever reason, toss it. But don’t stop there. Search out another book. Find another subject that inspires you and interests you.


As a motivational writer I can tell you this, that at times the last book I want to read is a motivational book. I live motivation, dream motivation, eat motivation, write motivation 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

So there are times when I need a sabbatical in my reading habits.

So where do I head? I read books on gardening, others on artists, particularly the Impressionist breed, but even of late have branched out into more modern areas. I read autobiographies and biographies.

I tend to find myself wanting to know the author behind the book, or the artist behind the art, the musician behind the music or rather the architect behind the architecture.

In fact, there is one famous author, who I personally don’t like his style of writing, but when it came to his autobiography, I loved that. I still haven’t read any of his books, but I learnt an immense amount from reading about his interesting life.


Here are some guidelines to get you back on track, if you are presently a ‘non reader’.

What should I read?

Define your personal interests and start there. I personally found that motivational books inspired me just over 10 years ago, but since then my tastes have further developed. For every motivational book I read, I probably read four or five other types of books. It’s amazing that from those non-motivational books I always seem to find motivational material that is of benefit to me and others.

How often should I read? Every day.

How long should I read? If it has not been your habit to read in the past, then start with a page a day. Or if the chapters are short, a chapter a day. Develop the success habit of reading daily and the quantity of what you read will gradually increase. Your reading ability will also improve.

Where should I read? Everywhere. When I have an appointment, I always take a book with me. Some people like to read before they sleep of a night while others like the morning vigil. Find what suits your personality and personal habits through experimentation.

I don’t have money to spend on books? Join your local library. It is there that you will find a tremendous resource. I have of late started to purchase investment books once a month, but always at a discounted price.

Just one other suggestion:

If you still have difficulty reading, there are so many audio programs available where you can listen to books being read to you. There are also a range ovide you with book summaries.

Search the Internet for these services, and whatever you do, you owe it to yourself, and to your ongoing education, to make reading a daily habit as you build your successful life.

Motivational Quote: Magnify your mind and watch your life expand explosively.