The 5 Irrepressible Attributes Of True Love: How to Love People

5 Ways How to Show Love to Others: A Guide to Living a More Loving Life

There are times when we all come across people who, how can I put it tactfully, rub us up the wrong way. They are abrasive. They are negative. They are obnoxious.

The 5 Irrepressible Attributes Of True Love: How to Love People

So what do we do with them?

Love them.

But love comes in many different packages, and must never be constrained to the Hollywood passionate romance type of love. It is much bolder than what is presented on the silver screen, and as a leader – one who loves others – you will at times have to develop the following five attributes – in the way you express your love for others.

  1. Allow Them To Fail

The greatest teacher is often failure. So let them fail, and even at times let them fall. But be there to dust them off and pick them up with an encouraging word.

  1. Speak The Truth

Iron sharpens iron. That means that there are times when sparks will fly. Speaking honestly to a wise recipient though will yield great rewards for all in the future.

  1. Chastise In Love

If you do have to correct, then follow the Pareto Principle. 20% correction and then 80% uplift and encouragement. And do your correction in private.

  1. Be There

When they’re succeeding, be there, and when they’re failing, be there. Be the one who is there when everyone else has scattered. Your commitment will gain great respect.

  1. Let Them Go

Sometimes there is nothing you can do, if someone is not willing to grow or to change. So the best thing that you can do is to let them fly in another sky backed by your prayers and goodwill.

But through it all – even though you may hate what they do or not do – love them anyway.

These are the attributes of what I believe define true love.