The Art of Disciplined Living: The 5 Marks Of A Disciplined Life

Why Discipline Matters and 5 Ways to Work On It

To endure discipline as a child seemed unbearable at times. But the younger I get, I understand how necessary discipline must play an integral part in the make-up of a life lived successfully.

The Art of Disciplined Living: The 5 Marks Of A Disciplined Life

Sloppy living identified by shabby habits just won’t cut it.

In order to abstract as much as you can from each day’s opportunities, you must develop key disciplined habits on a day to day basis.

I suppose the fact that I learnt the piano as a child for 12 years that it instilled the discipline habits that have carried over and into adulthood. But that aside, no matter what upbringing you nave experienced, discipline is achievable for your life if you really want it.

How to Be More Disciplined

So here are just 5 marks of a disciplined life that I’d like to share with you.

  1. Choose Wisdom

Many in our world chase the dollar. But can I encourage you to purchase wisdom. Many pursue security. But may I suggest that wisdom be your first port of call.

But what is wisdom?

There are many definitions, but let me share you just a few. Wisdom is the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting; insight. In addition it is exemplified by the administration of both common sense and good judgment.

Daily we are confronted with circumstances that demand of us to make a decision. Let your decisions be wise decisions. It is not always about choosing between right and wrong. It can often be about choosing between good and best.

As a believer I am in a blessed position when it comes to accessing wisdom, for there is a verse in the Bible that states that ‘If any of you lack wisdom, ask.’ That means that whenever I am out of my depth I can gain access to a higher power – when it comes to receiving wisdom. I don’t have to do it all alone. I don’t own the corner on this market – so try it for yourself. From personal experience I can assure you that it really works.

  1. Listen To Your Mentors

Mentors come in many forms, shapes, sizes and ages. None of us are an island, so make sure that you listen up when your mentors speak. Surround yourself with wise counselors whom you can draw inspiration and direction from.

I recall reading about a businessman, that when he found himself in a particularly difficult situation in regards to his business he gathered together a group of trusted advisers and simply shared with them informally about the situation that he was facing – but didn’t inform them that it was actually him facing the situation – and through discussion a solution was arrived at.

Through wise counsel a way through his difficulties was unveiled which ultimately led to great success.

  1. Never Take Love For Granted

After over 28 years of marriage I am more in love with my wife than I was on my wedding day.

I still date my wife regularly. We communicate with each other at the deepest of levels. We pray together. We listen to each other. We talk. We hold hands. We sit together in silence. We hug and embrace. We cry together. We plan. We dream. We love our children and their partners. We give. We share.

But one thing we have learnt to do throughout the years, and that is that we never take love for granted.

  1. Resist Momentary Pleasure

Sex. Money. Power. All three can provide momentary pleasure. Now may I emphasize the word momentary.

Life, to be strong and fulfilled, must be built upon stronger stuff.

All three play an important part in life, to build strength in marriage, to build security and the provision of all our needs financially, and leadership wisely administered is necessary for families and organizations to fulfill their destiny,

But if all you do is pursue the momentary pleasures provided by these three, that have all at some time in history caused the downfall of great men and women, then you are riding along a slippery road.

Sex is designed and to be used within the confines of marriage.

Money is designed as a tool to not only get, but is a mighty blessing to give.

And power is best administered through servant leadership.

  1. Use Common Sense

This is very much aligned with wisdom – but because common sense is not common I wanted to once again emphasize its importance.

Follow your first impression. Your initial gut feeling about things will in most cases be correct. Trust yourself and be true to yourself, and if you wish to double check what you have decided to do, then run what you feel past one of your trusted mentors for clarification.

Most decisions are not rocket science, and simply require the application of some good old fashioned common sense.

If it is your desire to live a life of integrity and to build good character, then use the power of common sense to guide your decision making process.

However, if you do happen to make a mistake, then learn the lesson. That’s what life is all about – learning.