Live Life to the Fullest: Living The Tip-Top Life

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There is one particular aspect of the American way of life that I really enjoy, and that is the fact that it is expected, by those who serve you, that you not only pay them for their service, but that you always add some extra money to the bill in the form of a tip.

Live Life to the Fullest: Living The Tip-Top Life

Now for those of us who live in Australia, this is not a normal practice.

However, at the end of my trip this time, I needed to spend an hour in the lobby of my hotel as I waited for the shuttle bus, that was booked to take me to the airport. It was then that I noticed the bellman for the first time. He had a great attitude and seemed to make everybody he served laugh. At one point he even did a little jig on the hotel floor. I appreciated that, and I know that the rest of his customers did too.

He was somewhat surprised though as I thrust some dollars into his hand before leaving the hotel foyer. He asked me, ‘What was that for?’ I responded, ‘For making me happy.’ In my books this fellow was not just receiving a tip for having a great attitude. He was TIP-TOP.

It might seem crazy to those of you who do not have tipping as part of your culture, that I am excited about giving money away to others.

Let’s face it. What’s so great about giving more money away than you think you should? But if that is what you are thinking, then think again.

When you have the opportunity to give more than what is expected, then you are actually administering a flow that can ultimately result in a flood.

A nation that gives is a nation that lives. The spirit of generosity will only create one thing: a generous spirit.

It is more than just about money. It is more about having a prosperous attitude.

Tipping to me encourages those who serve to serve even better.

Reward is an important part of motivation and should always be engendered in every family, organisation or nation. Tipping is one such reward for expended effort.


To be motivated, we either need a whip from behind or the enticement of a carrot from in front. I don’t know about you, but I’d choose the carrot time and time again. Here are some carrots that will guide you in your pursuit of the tip-top life.

  1. Make Excellence Your Trademark

Don’t ever be satisfied with second best. Choose to do everything to the best of your ability. If your goal is to always be excellent, then you will find the means and the skills to achieve excellence in everything you do.

  1. Always Provide First-Class Service

When you serve, serve well. And in your serving provide first-class service. And what is first-class service? It is the service that you would expect if you were served. Do unto others as you would wish to be done.

  1. Do More Than Expected

Those who always go the extra mile will always generate a smile. I love the companies that put in a lolly when my order has been returned. I enjoy the kind email or note that is sent to me that I never expected.

  1. Find Ways To Add The WOW Factor

Make it your mission to really impress whomever you are dealing with. Give something away for FREE. Do what others don’t do. I love going to my favourite coffee shop that has a loyalty program in place. Every five coffees I get a free one. They get my business time and time again.


So in summary, if you make it your mission to put your all into all that you do, you will have all that you ever need to live a successful life.

Do your best and you’ll be blessed.

Treat others with respect and never forget to say thankyou.

Write notes of appreciation to others and send a happy e-card or joyful email to your friends, your family and your clients.

It generally only takes a few seconds of your time to do these things. However, they will add hours of enjoyment to your life.

Share a smile. Walk the extra mile. Remove guile and live with style. These are the simple ingredients for your personal recipe of stunning and outstanding success and happiness.

Motivational: Tip for staying at the top – always provide tip-top service.