Don’t Just Live Your Life, Living The Optimised Life

The Pursuit of an Optimized Life – How to Live an Optimistic Life

The one thing I like predominantly about hanging around winners is that they force me to continue to seek ways to improve.

I remember reading about Sam Walton – the founder of the mighty WalMart chain. He would make it his habit to regularly visit his competition, and if he ever found one idea that they were doing well, he would immediately adapt it and roll it out into his stores. He was always seeking ways to improve his business.

Don’t Just Live Your Life, Living The Optimised Life

And that’s how we should live our lives. Whenever we come across a better or a smarter way of doing something we should adapt it to our lives immediately.

I come across so many people who complain about their current circumstances, and I must admit my response, in my mind at least, is change it. Change – positive change – can occur in an instant if we simply decide to change, and then follow up that decision with decisive action.

Now yes there can be a state of paralysis by analysis that we can lock ourselves into if we spend all our lives only evaluating. But there comes a point where we need to rise up from evaluating, and initiate a plan of action, while positioning ourselves, so that we’re accountable to others – to ensure that we get the deed done.

Benjamin Franklin believed in continual improvement, so why not you and I? Always seek out ways to do better, be better and live better.

By working on yourself – your fitness, your mindset, your finances, your business, your relationships – ever seeking to make them better today than they were yesterday, is going to create within you a sense of continual achievement. This will in turn breed a state of happiness, because your life is always moving forward.

Here’s a formula for you to ponder on:

Decide To Change + Apply Decisive Action To Bring About That Change = Live A Happy & Fulfilled Life

A healthy tree is a tree that continues to grow – bearing much fruit. So too for us humans. So go ahead and grow, groW, grOW, gROW, GROW!