Living The Cause & Effect Life: Are you living in Cause or Effect?

Self-empowerment: are you at Cause or at Effect?

A life with a cause is a life with effect.

So let me raise this question. What cause are you living for that is greater than yourself and more expansive than your own personal sphere?

It is so easy to be wrapped up in the daily grind, to focus only on the 9 to 5 scenario, or to only look for the instant gratification that is supplied to us so readily in the world in which most of us live.

Living The Cause & Effect Life: Are you living in Cause or Effect?

For me it was when I first stepped onto the soil of a third world nation where I ate their food, drank their water, lived in their homes, dined in their villages, took showers using only a bucket of water, heard their laughter, felt their tears, smelt their open sewers, fell in love with their overcoming spirit, saw the faith in their dusty eyes, walked through their leprosy colonies while shaking fingerless hands and embracing limbless bodies, experienced their regular electricity shutdowns, saw them lining up at the only ‘bore hole’ water pump that serviced their whole community, traversed through their crazy traffic and pushed through their thronging crowds.

That was when a cause was planted deeply and firmly in my heart and which has continued to keep me focused as I step by step build the vehicles that will allow me to do more, participate more and contribute more on and into the future.

So my challenge to you is simply this. Find a worthy cause and spend your life on it unselfishly. That way, when you die, you will die having lived effectively.