How I Learned To Challenge Myself? Challenge Yourself And Reach Your Full Potentials

How to challenge yourself to start living your best life every day

It is so easy to allow our lives to be pushed around by circumstances, to be carried along by the rushing river of each day, or to be tossed around by the crashing waves of life, as it happens, like a piece of driftwood.

How I Learned To Challenge Myself? Challenge Yourself And Reach Your Full Potentials

But there is another way.

This is where we must stand back from our life for a moment, to face ourselves squarely in the mirror, and challenge ourselves.

Fear must retreat.

The best method I have ever administered, whenever I have faced fear, has always been through the application of action.

It may be as simple as making a list. Or it may mean getting up and out of my chair and going out to dig my garden or to clean my yard. A walk along the beach works wonders. A stroll through the bush clears the mind. Making a decisive decision always helps to navigate a fresh path and a new way.

If you are waiting for someone else to save you then you will be waiting a long time.

I know people of my vintage who are preparing for retirement. Even in my country the government is now paying $1000 to every employer who will hire someone over the age of 50. There are retirement villages being built for over 50′s, and there is even an insurance company that caters just for the over 50′s.

What is it about the number 50? I don’t get it. Especially when one still feels like a teenager.

How I Learned To Challenge Myself

I am so pleased, as I review my life, that in my thirties I was retrenched, and as a direct result of that action, that rocked my world, I decided to start a business. I had no skills. I had no money. I simply decided to challenge myself to take back control of my life and my finances. We started a cleaning business and I ran it successfully with my wife for three years before selling it on to a friend.

What it proved to me was that I had the ability to start something from nothing and that I could do anything I decided to do. It has been with that confidence that I have started a number of businesses throughout the past two decades.

I discovered that I don’t ever have to wait for another man to hand me a job. I don’t have to wait for the government to give me another handout. I simply need to challenge myself to pursue the next opportunity and then go get it.

With that skill-set in place, created through necessity, I have passed the baton on to my children. That is why they, in their twenties, have the confidence and the mindset that they can start their own businesses, or acquire positions in other companies that are highly paid. They have learnt to challenge themselves to stretch further and reach farther.

But this comes with practice, and so I challenge you to learn how to challenge yourself today. Don’t leave it until tomorrow – because tomorrow never comes. Don’t settle for. Forge ahead.

I Had A Dream

I had a dream the other night and in the dream I could see myself plunging into the ocean. The next scene, revealed in my dream, showed me sailing a boat.

I thought about that for a while and the answer was very clear, as I always look for the interpretation of my dreams. I have learnt to live by faith. That has meant that at times I have plunged into the deep end, but the good news is that I have never once drowned. A boat has always appeared and that boat has transported me to the fulfillment of my dreams.

It takes faith. It takes action. It takes having the courage to challenge yourself. It requires a stretch. It demands a leap. It insists that we must face our fears and push straight through them.

Fear immobilizes. Faith mobilizes.

Don’t Wait Until…

Don’t wait until your fifty before you develop this skill. But if you have passed that age, it is never too late to start.

Take a course. Read a book. Find a mentor. Attend a seminar. Start a business. Get a coach. Learn a new skill.

Apply for a position far beyond your wildest dreams and way above your pay grade. You might just get it.

Refuse to allow yourself to be carried along by negative reports. Keep young by hanging around young minds.

Don’t retire. Decide to refire.

That is my personal challenge to you.