Dare To Be A Diamond, Embrace What Makes You Unique

Dare To Be A Diamond – Mark Of A Leader

I love poetry, and from time to time I pluck some from my heart and deposit it on a page.

There is something powerful about the rhythm created in a poetic piece – and this particular poem urges my readers to become all that they were created to become.

Dare To Be A Diamond – Mark Of A Leader

As someone once said – that a diamond is simply a piece of coal that has undergone some major pressure.

The pressure of life does either draw out the very best or the very worst from humanity.

My desire for you though is that it draws out the very, very best – so that you can become that multi-faceted wonderful person that you have been created to become.

May that pressure you are currently facing create the winner within and the conqueoror without as you choose to tough it out and go get your goals – no matter what opposition or obstacles you have to overcome. You can do it – I dare you to be a diamond!


Dare to be a diamond

Dare to dream a dream

Dare to climb up higher

Than you’ve ever dreamt of being

Dare to touch the stars

Dare to reach the sky

Soar above the clouds of doubt

Dare to even try

For in trying you will find that you

Will reach up far beyond

For in growing you will stretch above

And find a common bond

With dreamers and achievers

With ones who stand apart

Who lend a helping hand

Sharing love from loving hearts

Dare to grow though it’s not easy

Dare to sow in people’s lives

For as you give to others

Your life will surely thrive.