How To Avoid Being Hemmed In By The ‘How’ Of Life By Embracing Your ‘Why’ Begins figuring out your strengths

How To Avoid Being Hemmed In By The ‘How’ Of Life By Embracing Your ‘Why’ identify my strengths and weaknesses

Most people live their lives in the realm of the ‘How’, and only a small percentage ever take time to discover the ‘Why’. This leads them on the road to only one of two places – unhappiness and lack of fulfillment.

The reason that most of us lean towards the ‘How’ is because we need to make a living, and have fallen victim to the lie that says you can only make a secure living out of submitting to the ‘How’.

identify my strengths and weaknesses

But please allow me to challenge you to pause for a moment in your pressure and ‘pay the bills’ driven life to consider your ‘Why’.

Where The ‘Why’ Begins figuring out your strengths

The ‘Why’ begins with your strengths and your natural talents.

To discover your ‘Why’ you need to interrogate yourself.

Ask yourself some pointed questions such as:

  • What do I love doing?
  • What do I naturally lean towards?
  • What gets me excited?
  • What do I dream about?
  • What do I find a joy to be involved with?
  • What are my natural interests?
  • What do I do that is not forced in my life?

In answering the above questions you are beginning to identify your strengths.

I am a firm believer of the following as the source of greatest satisfaction for any human being.

And they are:

  1. Identify your strengths
  2. Strengthen your strengths

So you may ask, how do I identify my strengths?

Answer the questions that I have already posed to you truthfully. Unveil the real you. Reveal your passion. Review your pathway to this point. What makes you happy? What brings joy to those around you when you are actively pursuing your passion?

Now how do I strengthen my strengths?

The way I have done this is by continued and regular practice. I have taken my natural talents and with study, instruction, use and repetitiveness I have become better at what I do.

I have treated my gift as a precious jewel and shaped it and sharpened it by learning from others who excel in my field and in other fields of pursuit. I also made the decision that I would become as good as they are and even surpass them. This is not out a spirit of competition, but rather out of a desire to grow far beyond my present capacity.

I recognize that my strengths, in the early days, have at times resembled a chunk of coal, and yet with the pressure and heat of life’s experiences I have begun to co-operate with the process by creating a well fashioned diamond.

I have a vision for my life that reminds me on a daily basis that at the end of my days I want to unveil a piece of art that will sparkle and shine – sending forth a spectrum of colour that will touch the lives of millions of those who are the recipients of the gift that I have had the privilege of stewarding throughout the years.

As an entrepreneur I have started a number of businesses, never really knowing the ‘How’. Without fail I have, with some effort, always been successful in learning the ‘How’. The ‘How’ has never been an insurmountable problem to overcome nor the most important element in the equation of success.

The driving force for me has always been the ‘Why’. At first it was to provide my young family with their needs – for my children to be fed, clothed and educated. As my children grew older it was then to also provide a launching pad for them to start their own businesses and to establish their own careers. Now, at this precise moment, it is also for me to be personally in a position to influence and help others all around the world.

Where The ‘Why’ Ends

When you discover your ‘Why’ and operate each day in the ‘Why’ realm, work is no longer work. It becomes simply the vehicle to reach your ‘Why’. It in fact helps you to work smart, to work hard, and to work with a purpose far greater than yourself, while at the same time filling you with a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

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So if you find yourself locked into the ‘How’ of life – by just doing the job or running the business – may I encourage you to pull aside and ask yourself the questions:

  • ‘What is my ‘Why’?’
  • ‘What is my purpose?’
  • ‘What is the cause, bigger than me, that I’m living for?’

Then position yourself to receive the answer and get ready to act upon that answer and begin to live the most exciting period of your life by at last by obeying the ‘Why’ in your life and by refusing to be forever pushed around by the ‘How’.