How To Avoid The Leaders Who May Mislead

How To Avoid The Leaders Who May Mislead

Follow the leader?

Sorry can’t always. I must follow my heart. I must trust my conscience.

First we must reach into the very depths of our being and ask ourselves the question.

For what reason have I been born?

For what purpose greater than myself have I been placed upon this planet?

What is the contribution that I must bring to earth’s residents?

What does my heart say?

We must lead. Our life. Before we can ever lead others.


I will respect them. But I may not necessarily follow them.



How To Avoid The Leaders Who May Mislead

Lead Your Own Life

Those who lead their own lives with a heartfelt desire to lean towards truth will not be misled. For the truth will set you and I free. But what is truth?

How many millions have been lured by the seductive oratory of so-called leaders?

Question. Demand proof of authenticity. Request qualifications – life qualifications – not pieces of paper.

Have they walked the walk that you are being asked to walk? Has the price been paid to command the respect and allegiance that is being solicited?

Mediocrity is not your portion.

Excellence should be your trademark.

Remain Untainted

To not be tainted nor manipulated by the pervasive pollution that permeates the atmosphere that we sometimes breathe. That should be our desire. To live as an influencer and not sitting as one who is always under the influence. True to our own thought. Obedient to the integrity of the language that passes between our lips. Willing to stand for something than to remain seated for nothing.

I sense, burgeoning from the stream of communicating thinkers that are now pouring forth their wisdom through the many channels that now avail themselves to us in our world today, that there is a possibility that blindness could possibly overtake society if we are not careful.

The blind leading the blind. The opinion leading the opinion. The mass of thought squelching the thought of originality.

Do we follow the masses, or do we listen to the voice crying in the wilderness? Or when we hear that voice that comes at a jagged angle to our own, how do we respond? Do we adapt? Do we repel? Do we embrace? Do we question? Do we accept? Do we reject?

Is To Lead To Control?

Or rather, is to lead to liberate?

Do you lead to chain or do you lead to springboard and elevate?

We must think. We must think more. We must think even more than we think we need to think.

Do not slide down the slippery dip of conventional and oftentimes acceptable thinking. Question everything. Use the mind that God gave you. It was given for you to use, not to put in overdrive.

Mind Your Mind

Lazy minds lead to lazy lives.

Sloppy minds lead to sloppy lives.

Disciplined minds lead to disciplined lives.

Sharpened minds lead to sharpened lives.

Creative minds lead to creative lives.

Do not blame your leaders if they land you in a ditch. Blame yourself because you chose to follow them. Lead your mind and you will avoid some detours that lie before you. Do this and you have just established yourself as the leader of your life.

To be called a leader does not necessarily equate with being a leader. Don’t be called. Be.

Don’t flash your credentials. Don’t speak up your associations. Don’t tell me what you have done nor what you will do.

Simply do.