WHAT IS AN ABUNDANCE MINDSET? And How To Create Abundance Mentality

Abundance Mindset: Ways to Develop an Abundance Mindset

I remember the day, at the age of 18, when my boss asked me to walk down the road to deposit $5000 cash into the bank.

I refused.

He ended up having to drive me to the bank.

Why did I refuse?

Because I thought it was such a large amount of money, and that if I were to walk down the road with that amount of cash, that there was a possibility that someone would rob me.

How To Create Abundance Mentality

Now even as I write about this I recognise in retrospect that I had a very long way to go in the area of having an abundance mentality.

My Personal Struggle With Abundance Mentality

To be totally honest – I have struggled with the development of abundance mentality.

It is something that I have had to really work at.

Not that I ever wanted as a child.

But I was born into a household of minimal means. The house I lived in was constructed of fibro and had two bedrooms. The single garage out the back of the property, at first consisted of a mud floor, and my dad told me of the time that he got bogged in his own garage.

As time passed cement was laid, gardens were planted and trees grew.

Over the years my parents added to the house, built a second story, and ultimately replaced the fibro with brick. But that didn’t happen until I was about 18 years of age.

I received pocket money for doing odd jobs around the house, started mowing lawns at the age of twelve, and continued doing so until I was 25.

At that age I landed a part time job working with young people in a local church, and to pay the rent I delivered newspapers. The following year I was married. Proved to me that she didn’t marry me for my abundance, but rather my potential.

Taking Up The Entrepreneurial Challenge

I owned my first business at the age of 18, but never really took up the entrepreneurial challenge until many years later, once I was married.

Deep down though, I knew that I was destined to be successful. I dreamed big dreams. I pursued those dreams and failed time and time again. I got up. I dusted myself off and went yet again.

I travelled the world and spent countless of thousands of dollars in search of my dreams. Time and again I would leave my shores in search of my dreams’ fulfilment, but it was when I finally realised that I could achieve the next step of my dream in my own backyard, it was an epiphany.

A Balanced Abundance

I wanted to not only be abundant in just finances. I wanted to live an abundant life when it came to relationships, when it came to family, when it came to lifestyle, when it came to influence, when it came to giving, and when it came to living in line with the purpose for which I had been born.

But I had to change the way I thought.

I started. I started to read. I started to associate. I started to try. I started to believe that I would receive. I started to recognize the value of failing time and time again. I also started to understand the importance of reaching for a goal and faltering time and time again.

How To Create Abundance Mentality

It didn’t matter how many times I failed, as long as I continued to develop my personal abundance mentality along the way.

I knew that it was not necessarily what I achieved along the way, but rather what I was becoming.

A Person Of Abundance

Little by little I was being transformed into a person of abundance. I was morphing into a human who owned an abundant mind who spoke with an abundant mouth, saw with abundant eyes, and dreamed of abundant dreams.

So how do you create abundance mentality?

Well here are just a few things that I have learned along the way.

I have not arrived, and yet I sense that I am rich in oh so many ways. However, I am still on this abundance journey myself – and these habits that I am going to share with you have continued to forge abundance into my very being, and I trust that as you make them a part of your daily activity that you will begin to experience a mind change – a mind filled with abundance and prosperity in every area of your life.

Steps to Develop an Abundance Mindset

  • Read abundance mentality books, websites and blogs.
  • Listen to abundance mentality recordings and webinars.
  • Attend abundance mentality seminars.
  • Associate with abundance mentality people.
  • Speak abundance mentality words.(‘Can’t’ and ‘can’t afford it’ should never leave your mouth.)
  • Think abundance mentality thoughts.
  • Seek out abundance mentality vehicles that will assist you in creating a life filled with abundance – and step aboard that vehicle and wholeheartedly apply yourself to what the experts, who have created abundance through the use of that vehicle, teach you.
  • Make abundance a part of your daily being. Live abundantly. Give abundantly. Work abundantly. Apply an abundance of enthusiasm to everything that you do or say.

Create abundance mentality and you will create abundance. For as you think so you are.