How To Create Two Worlds That Are Worlds Apart

Bringing Together Two Worlds Apart

The student came to the teacher, and before the student could speak, the teacher asked four words, ‘What do you want?’

The student replied, ‘What do you mean by asking me what do I want?’

The teacher responded, ‘What do YOU want?’

The student replied, ‘I never thought I could choose.’

‘The power of choice is in your hands. You have the power to choose which world you wish to create.’

‘I have that much power?’

‘Yes – and everything within that world is under your control too. So which would you create today.’

How To Create Two Worlds That Are Worlds Apart

‘Teacher,’ the student responded. ‘Teach me about these worlds so that I will know how to choose wisely.’

‘Wise choice.’

The World Of Limitation

‘First there is the world of limitation. It is a constrictive world, bound up in chains. It is a world of hopelessness. It is filled with despair, debt, disaster and destruction. Fueled by negative words and limited by outlook, it is a dark place where evil reigns supreme. It shuns the sunlight. Death is in the air.’

‘Do you mean that I can create this world?’

‘Yes. You have the power to invent this through the power invested in you the day you were born – the power of your thoughts and the power of your words.’

‘But why would anyone wish to create such a world?’

‘Beware. Through the force of habit driven by circumstances, and in response to those events, any one of us in a split second can create such a dark world. This world can be driven by tragedy, defeat, letdown, betrayal, accident or any one of a million things that can come our way at any moment. One second you are on a mountain top and the next you are plunged into the depths of the deepest, darkest valley.Those who have not spent time in ‘uplift’ as part of their daily habitual practice will struggle to survive when thrust into the atmosphere of limitation.’

‘But what other world can I create?’

The World Of Unlimitation

‘Ah, this is a glorious world. It is the world of unlimitation. Here there is sunlight, a cool breeze, fresh streams, birdsong, succulent fruits, friendship, beauty and a newness that exudes from every living thing that resides in this place. In this place there is freedom. There is freedom of expression and a freedom to be whom you were created to be. There is nothing here that you cannot dream of or aspire to become. Positive and life giving words create this paradise – and is the desired place for all mankind, and yet so few choose to create such a place.’

How To Create Two Worlds That Are Worlds Apart

‘But why wouldn’t all humanity choose to create such a place?’ the student asked.

‘It is a mystery that in such a rich place, in which they live, that they lean so often towards the misery.For in the world of unlimitation oceans roll, mountains rise, gold glistens, silver sparkles and dotted through the thick undergrowth I see specks of color as the birds play amongst the leaves. For there is an abundance and an extravagance to behold. So which world would you create my friend?’

‘But it seems so logical as to what I should choose.’

‘Oh yes. It might be now in this moment, but when you leave my presence and you begin to face life’s pressures and the demands of each day – you will be given a daily choice. Every morning, when you wake, your thoughts and your words will define within which world you will spend your day. Do not think that it is an easy choice – for if it was so easy then our world would be a far different place. Poverty, lack, murder, distrust, crime, theft, hunger and so much more would be left far behind. So what do YOU want?’

‘So I must still make a choice?’

‘Yes. For you alone must make the choice DAILY – so choose wisely and choose well.’

Tell me about the world you are creating right now. What does it look like?