Those That Move

‘All mankind is divided into three classes: those who are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.’ Benjamin Franklin

Those That Move
  1. Those Who Are Immovable

There are those amongst us who are stuck. Stuck in tradition. Stuck in their ways. Stuck in comfort. Stuck in religious thought-sets. Stuck in bad habits. Stuck in mindsets. Stuck.

And there is a chance that as they live stuck they will die stuck. Immovable. Not even an atomic bomb will move them. In business, if you’re stuck, you won’t be in business for long. Immovable in life, in family life, in organizations, in education, in institutions, in politics, in anything and everything.

To be stuck is to be unstuck – destined for destruction. Immovable.

  1. Those That Are Movable

This is a better place to be in. But again this is where we need to ask the question, ‘Where do I move?’ This is not being in a position where you are moved by every rumor. This is the place where you are to be moved by convictions, by passion, with a sense of purpose and direction. Not moving as a result of a knee jerk reaction to changing circumstances.

This is positioning yourself in the company of wise counsel and sound mentoring. This is choosing wisely and selectively. For otherwise you will be battered by every passing wind that blows your way.

  1. Those That Move

These are the directors of their destiny. These are the voices in the wilderness. These are the up-stream swimmers. These are the original thinkers. These are those who chart their own course. These are those who don’t wait to be asked. These are the trendsetters.

These at times are the eccentrics. These are the fashion manufacturers. These are the movers. These are the shakers. These are the speech makers. These listen to the beat of their own heart. These are the history makers. These are the leaders of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

I have a question for you – Who are you, and whom do you wish to become?