To Be Full You Must First Be Empty

If you want to become full let yourself be empty, if you want to reborn ket yourself die, if you want given everything, give everything up?

‘Empty your purse into your mind, and what is in your mind will fill your purse.’ Benjamin Franklin

There have been a number of times throughout my adult life, to the horror of my wife – and yet to her credit – she has always supported me in it, that I have emptied not only my wallet, but my entire bank account in the pursuit of knowledge.

To Be Full You Must First Be Empty

I have done it to attend seminars and business functions, to buy books, recordings and tools, and even to hire one-on-one personal mentors.

It has at times been a stretch, and yet the return on my investment continues to grow with every day that I now live, because of those decisions to invest in mine and my family’s future.

At times I came away with simply one idea. And that is all I needed to realign my thinking and to continue on the correct path towards my destiny.

And although I am willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars on my education, I also make it my habit to attend any free seminars on offer, and I often choose to borrow books from my local library.

So there is no excuse for anyone to grow stagnant in their thinking, nor limited in their earning capacity if you simply stick at educating yourself relentlessly until you see your breakthrough.

And even then, while ever there is breath in your body – continue to invest in your ongoing education – for it will keep you young of mind, body and spirit.