Don’t let life blindside you. Don’t let circumstances derail you. yell at the top of your voice – ‘This means war!

In order to move forward in life, to achieve your God-given goals and the destiny that is yours to fulfill, there needs to come a point in your life where you stand up straight, in the face of opposition, impossibility and whatever else stands in your way from being all that you were created to be, and declare, ‘This means war!’

Don’t let life blindside you. Don’t let circumstances derail you. yell at the top of your voice – ‘This means war!

Life will continue to play with you, and it will continue to lure you into mediocrity. Life will continue to keep you busy doing the ordinary – until you stop and draw a line in the sand of life and shout, ‘This means war!’

And when you do that, your friends may misunderstand you, your family may disown you, your associates may ignore you, but to be true to yourself, true to the call on your life, and true to the path that you have been designed to walk – the cost must be counted and the cost must be paid. You have been called to a walk of obedience.

So here are three things that you will need to declare today if you are to begin living your life to the fullest.

  1. Declare War On Mediocrity

You were never born to be ordinary. You were created to live an extraordinary life – a life bubbling over with excellence. Don’t settle for. Aspire for greatness. Even when it comes to doing some menial task – add a touch of class. Dress well. Attend seminars. Read daily, and listen to those who are where you want to be. Seek them out as mentors. Drive mediocrity from your shores before it is too late.

  1. Declare War On Busy

Being busy doesn’t mean that you’re effective.

I wrote an email the other day to an associate and included within that email a four letter word in capitals. STOP! I challenged them to pull aside from their frantic and stressful life for an afternoon to write a one page business plan for each of the ventures they are building at present.

Years ago my wife attended a course that required the writing of a business plan. I helped her with this and we ended up with a document the size of a small novel. We were awarded first prize for this document, out of over 300 entrants, but the document was, as a working document, absolutely useless.

So these days I simply write one page business plans every year – as promoted by John McGrath of McGrath Real Estate – and it contains the following headings – Strategy, Key Projects With Time Line, Key Outcomes For Business, Key Drivers Of Success & Measurable Mile Stones – and then all I have to do is fill in the missing spaces.

I refer to this document on a weekly basis. I carry it into management meetings with me to discuss with my team. It is a living, lively working document that I adhere to and change as required while implementing. By having this plan in place it stops me from just being busy, but rather someone who is living his life purposefully. Now that’s effective.

  1. Declare War On Lack

Before starting my web design business, some years ago, I nearly convinced myself that for me to be a success I would need to leave the city, in which I was living at the time, and head for a larger city because of the apparent lack of opportunities locally. But I ended up making the right decision to start a new business from scratch where I was. Because of that decision I have created opportunity, financial success, employment for others and a business that not only helps others in my own city, but nationally and even internationally. Lack of opportunity was not my problem at the time. Rather, a lack of imagination could have robbed me of what I am currently experiencing.

Lack of money is never your biggest problem. It’s often a lack of initiative, lack of ideas, lack of courage or other such lacks. There is no lack that cannot be overcome. Remove the lack of action from your day by taking action, and watch your life turn around like never before.

Don’t let life blindside you. Don’t let circumstances derail you. Stand to your feet like a real man and a real woman, and yell from the depths of your lungs and at the top of your voice – ‘This means war!’