The ‘Good For Best’ Life Exchange

Many of us live lives satisfied with what is good. But little do we realize that if we continue to hold on tight to the ‘good’, because of the seeming security that it supplies our lives, we may in fact be positioning ourselves to miss out on the ‘best’ that life wants to offer us.

The ‘Good For Best’ Life Exchange

However, there is a risk that must be taken, and there is a fear of the unknown that must be overcome.

So in order to prepare ourselves for this often life changing event, what must we do?

It is all summed up in the ‘good for best’ exchange.

  1. Ask Yourself The Question

It’s a simple question – ‘Am I happy and fulfilled doing what I am currently doing?’ If your answer is no, then it is probably time for a ‘good for best’ exchange to occur in your life.

  1. Ask Yourself Another Question

‘If I wasn’t doing what I am currently doing, what would I rather do?’ In other words, ‘What is my passion? How can I pursue it? What must I do to prepare myself to pursue this?’

  1. Assess The Real Risk

Now I am a risk taker. But life has taught me this. There are stupid risks where we plunge into the unknown with no thought for our actions, or on the other hand there is the calculated risk, where you put in place boiler funds, contingency plans, exit strategies so that if all else fails you will live to tell the story. Let’s face it. A dead risk taker is not much help for the living. So do your preparation and analysis before the leap.

  1. Take The Leap Of Faith

Some people say to take the plunge. But I’d rather take a leap. A plunge to me is down whereas a leap is across and even up.

It is to be a leap of faith, for faith will be your greatest companion when you step out from the ‘good’ in search of the ‘best’. This will include your faith in God, faith in yourself, faith in your dreams, faith in your passion, and faith in your ability to adapt with every change or challenge that you are bound to face along the way.

So don’t put up with the ‘good’ in your life – like the bulk of humanity who fail to reach their full potential – and pursue the best – a life of fulfillment, purpose, passion, destiny and great satisfaction.