What You Can Do, or Dream You Can, Begin It; The Genius, Power & Magic Of Boldness

The Goethe Principle: Why Boldness Has Genius, Power, and Magic

‘Whatever you can do, or dream you can do it, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.’ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I recently received a copy of Peter Buffet’s book ‘Life Is What You Make It’ in the mail.

One of the advantages of writing a popular blog is that I am from time to time asked to review books.

What You Can Do, or Dream You Can, Begin It; The Genius, Power & Magic Of Boldness

Not all strike me or impress me, but Peter’s resonated with me so much so that I hope to get to interview him soon.

Oh, if you’re wondering who Peter is. He has a father called Warren, who in recent years handed $37 billion to the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation for safekeeping, and Peter and his wife have been entrusted with $1 billion through their own foundation.

Towards the end of his book he shared the above quote that has been attributed to Goethe.

It’s a subject that I am personally passionate about, and desire to help others in their own personal pursuit of their passions and uniqueness.

So let’s have a closer look at the subject together.

  1. Identify Your Personal Values

What do you like doing?

Let me quote Peter here…‘I’m not talking about frivolous choices, or self-indulgent choices, or lazy choices.

I am talking about choices that reflect our own personal values and that give the broadest possible scope to our particular talents and creativity.

If you are drawn to music or painting, or writing, why not go for it?

If teaching seems to offer fulfillment, why not choose that path?

If you are drawn to outdoor work far from the centers of commerce and wealth, why not go there?’

  1. Commit To That Which Draws You

As I survey many of my peers, who live lives of constant frustration and challenge, there appears to be a common thread that is weaved through the fabric of their lives – a general lack of real commitment to using their talents and gifts in the pursuit of their dreams.

Many have chosen to focus on the dollar far above their driving passion.

Few are willing to risk the pursuit of their uniqueness because they have allowed themselves to be gripped by fear.

But the world’s changing economy is forcing many to reconsider their reliance on a ‘secure job’, and many are now venturing forth as ‘new entrepreneurs’.

  1. It’s Not Just About The Money

‘In April 2009, The New York Times ran an article entitled ‘Is This the Time to Chase a Career Dream?’ The writer, a career consultant named Pamela Slim, observed that many if not most people had a sort of fantasy career in addition to their actual work. In many cases, not surprisingly, the fantasy career was better-paying and more prestigious than the real job. But there were also many instances in which a quite different dynamic pertained.

People daydreamed not about more money, but more freedom. Not more power, but less stress. Not higher status, but more creative satisfaction. An ‘Information Technology Project Manager’ dreamed of leading hiking expeditions. A successful entrepreneur fantasized about being a driver for United Parcel Service. He longed for order, consistency, exercise, a clear set of tasks to fulfill each working day.’

This is why it is so important to break free from today’s cliche for success, and define what success means to you – and to you alone.

  1. Begin It Now

There are three other words that I personally use to shake me out of any state of inertia that I find myself in from time to time – and they are DO IT NOW!

What are you waiting for?

So many people ‘put-off’ things – but then wake up twenty years later filled with regret.

Don’t let it be you.

December last year I sold a successful web design business, that I had built up over 7 years, to free myself to pursue my passion for writing material just like I am writing in this blog article.

Is it easy?

No. It requires a lot of hard work.

Is it satisfying?


Is it profitable?

I am positioning myself so that it will be highly profitable, and at the same time I have bought another business that doesn’t require my physical presence, in such a demanding way as the web design business did, so that I am free to build this business.

Am I happy?

I can’t remember being more happier in my life.

So let me encourage you to begin it now – for therein lies the genius, power and magic of boldness.

So where in your life are you going to unleash boldness?

Quotes contained in this blog are from Peter Buffet’s book – ‘Life Is What You Make It’.