The Dangers Of Complacency: Are you at risk for complacency?

Complacency Kills: The Dangers of Complacency in the Workplace

Success can actually be the worst thing to ever happen to your life if you become complacent.

Vigilance is required for onward and upward success.

Many a successful businessman, politician, statesman, preacher, entertainer have met with demise – not when they were unknown – but rather at the pinnacle of their career.

The Dangers Of Complacency: Are you at risk for complacency?

There are three things that cause men to fall. Sex, money or fame are the big three. Watch out for these – for none of us, male or female, are unconquerable. Each of us has an Achilles heel.

When in the trenches, throughout the years of preparation that lead to success, we are extremely alert, fine-tuned in our attention to detail and armed to deal with any attack.

Yet as we sit in our ‘success’ palace bathing in the adulation and praise of others – this is the time when many let down their guard and have a tendency to relax. And this is the time of our greatest vulnerability. And that is why at no matter what stage of success you find yourself in, maintain the rigorous habits of self-discipline learnt in the lean years.

This is vitally important – for a leniency to complacency has been the downfall of many a mighty warrior.

Don’t let it happen to you.

Remain ever vigilant, alert, paying attention to details, remaining accountable and forever walking in humility, and thankfulness – and never forget from whence you have come.