How To Turn Frustration Into Life Transformation

How To Restructure Your Frustrations Into Something Positive

I often receive comments from my readers with deep and meaningful questions and I endeavor to respond in a way that can assist them on their life’s journey,

Here’s one question I received recently along with my response.

How To Turn Frustration Into Life Transformation


I would also love to ask you that ‘If actions don’t matter for a normal guy, then why the hell would he have to work hard for his near-and-dear ones for money for respect for self esteem?’

I remember Nelson Mandela once said, ‘Enjoy the journey towards your goal but never be complacent.’ And here is where I get confused. If we shouldn’t be complacent, then why would we be happy with what and who we are?

Complacency is okay for a guy on his deathbed, but what about those who work their asses off daily by commuting, sweating profusely amidst the heavy rains in a humble attempt to make a name for their kids and wives?

Hoping for a clear-cut answer.

Yours Sincerely


Here’s my response…

Hi Tushar

I sense your frustration.

I have felt this same thing throughout the years.

The only way that I can address your question is from my own personal discovery. I don’t teach theory. I teach lessons birthed out of the pain of my own real life experience.

To explain what I am about to explain to you I came up with the words ‘dissatisfied satisfaction’ which lines up with what Mandela is trying to say.

I have had to learn to be satisfied with what I am doing and where I am at – each and every day – and that way I can remain in a state of happiness. This is so important – because anger doesn’t assist. And if you want to get a fresh perspective on happiness, you need to check out Mary Jaksch’s great article which asks the question Is Happiness Overrated?

Simultaneously I make certain that I am doing something – even if it is just one thing – that is moving me forward to where I want to be – because I do not want to stay where I am.

One thing that I did was this when surrounded by bills, debt, lack of opportunity – I locked myself away in a local university library and began to study the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson – I STUDIED. That then put me in a better frame of mind to continue as one who was happy with my present circumstances and yet drew me forward to pursue a far better life for me and my family.

It took years mind you. But it did happen. I had to get off the treadmill at some point and draw aside and build a BIGGER ME. This consistent study did this because it changed my limited mindset and expanded my vision for my life and also the belief that I could live and achieve something better.

Even when I couldn’t afford it I bought books and paid for seminars – sometimes even before I paid for food. Mind food to me was far more important than body food. That’s how committed I was to making a change in my life.

My one word to you my friend is this – immerse yourself into the minds of mentors – and allow the change to occur within – and be prepared for the gradual change that will occur without. If you can commit yourself to this – and I mean really commit – you will experience mind transformation that will be translated into life transformation. But you must be committed or otherwise it will not work.

A friend of mine has just put together a powerful program that will help you with your life transformation and may be of interest to you that is quite affordable – for what he is offering.

Yes it is an investment – but if your future depends on it – I urge you to make an investment in it.

Your future is bright. You know why I know this?

Because you have asked the QUESTION!

Many don’t.

So here’s a guestion: what frustrations have you taken and turned into your own personal life transformation?