The 3 Powerful Ways Your Mind Can Lead You To Great Success

3 Ways to Unlock Your Mind Power to Be More Successful

‘What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.’ Napoleon Hill

When my wife and I were expecting the birth of our first child, it gave us time to pause and consider the years past that we had desired to have children.

The 3 Powerful Ways Your Mind Can Lead You To Great Success

Conception had not been an easy thing, as my wife had discovered that because of a bout of mumps just before we were to be married her womb became barren.

But the good news was that we never accepted this, and that child – and the other two that were to follow in the years to come – was conceived in our hearts and minds long before she was ever born. Filled with the spirit of faith and belief we knew that a beautiful child would be achieved.

And so that draws me to one of the greatest motivational quotes ever written – ‘What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.’

So let’s take a closer look at it by breaking it up into its three components.

  1. Conceive

The mind is an amazing invention. Within its bounds there are no boundaries. The imagination opens up all restrictions and can transform a limited outlook into a glorious panorama of ideas and possibilities.

One of the greatest places where ideas for my own life and business have been conceived has been through the habit of journaling.

Having now well over 40 journals from many years of developing the habit of drawing thoughts from my mind and imprinting them onto a blank page, I have learnt the power of conception when it comes to a fertile mind.

Ideas come our way on a daily basis but the trouble with most people is that they fail to capture them.

Conception in the natural world, like in us as parents, can at times be a difficult task, and requires much faith and patience to see the result.

But one way you can learn to spark and frame ideas is to place yourself in an environment whereby you are exposed to fresh thinking.

Places to do this are in the idea generating atmosphere created by books. 15 Books That Destroyed My Mediocre Life is one place to find such stimulating material.

TED is also another wonderful place on the web to be exposed to fresh and modern ideas. By surrounding yourself with other open-minded and stimulated thinkers, this will also help with the conception process.

  1. Believe

For an idea to take root, the mind must believe. If my wife and I had not firmly believed for children, we would have yielded to a life of childlessness. However, we refused to accept anything less than a family and through faith in the Creator of the Universe, what was deemed as impossible was made possible.

For an idea to come to fruition it must first be embedded in the soil of belief.

I grow vegetables, and the most important part of my vegetable patch is the soil. Some of my friends laughed when it came to moving house over a year ago. For as part of the move I also moved all the soil that made up my sizable vegetable patch.

Why would I do that?

Because I had invested a lot of time and money in the development of that soil and I didn’t want to start from scratch with a new vegetable patch – but rather wanted to take the winning component of my organic vegetable patch in which to plant new crops.

The results speak for themselves with a constant supply of fresh and crisp vegetables.

This is the same with belief. Filled with belief, your ideas will be empowered to bring the third part of the successful mind equation.

  1. Achieve

Conception and belief created in the mind of man leads to one thing – achievement.

Success is a wonderful reward for someone who has nurtured their mind through ‘the conceive and believe’ process.

But you must understand that it can also operate in the negative realm as much as the positive.

As you look around at what people drive and even live in, or dress in, you can quickly understand the nature of the thoughts that they have conceived and believed.

Someone once mentioned to me that you can tell the state of the mind of someone by the state of their shoes and the state of the inside of their car.

So may I encourage you to conceive and believe good, positive, uplifting, and building thoughts so that your achievements are strong and sustainable. Ensure a bright and wonderful future for both you and your family for generations to come by training up your most precious asset – your mind.

Conceive. Believe. Achieve.


So what have you conceived, believed and achieved and are ready to receive?