Goal Setting: How to Set Goals and Why It’s Important

How To Set Goals And What To Do When You Achieve Them

Did not Joseph – the savior of ancient Egypt– spend the good years storing up the excess – to the disdain of many of the people I can imagine, so that when the drought hit there was food enough for all?

Goal Setting: How to Set Goals and Why It’s Important

Did not the wise man build his house upon the solid foundations so that when the storm came he could stand and recover without too much destroyed?

The fact is this: that as long as we live in this world, storms, tragedies, unexpected events and catastrophes are going to come. Eating, drinking and merriment will not cut it. Planning must be part of the procession in order that sustainment can be accommodated.

The days of putting all your eggs in one basket and watching that basket are long gone. It’s the process of putting your eggs in a range of carefully selected baskets and watching each and every one of those baskets that will carry you through the storms relatively unscathed. And amidst that mix – to have a plan, a vision, a dream and a map to see that dream’s fulfillment, one may need to tack, turn and even at times retreat because of the unpredictability of the waves that crash over the sides of your vessel.

And yet the hopes of things to come will be a sure, stable, strong and able anchor for your soul. But hopes are not wishful thinking. Hopes are built on the strong foundations of a vision. And vision is built on the step-by-step clarity of goals; written goals that drive you, that strive you, that call you and that pull you. And attached to those goals are the systematic step-by-step plans that will carry you from where you are to where you desire to be.

Once the desired destination has been clearly defined, then the required route must be inserted. This then will allow you to travel from point A to point B. As we all know – not all Point A to Point B routes are without interruption. Sometimes an accident may occur or there can be traffic congestion, a flat tyre, or even a rainstorm. And it is as we face each and every situation that we must adapt our plan and our route.

The destination remains unchanged, but the means, the methods and the metre of getting there may need to be adjusted. At times a detour is required. At other times we may need to change our mode of transportation. There may be a delay in the timing of our arrival – but the destination remains set in concrete.

It is our plans that shift in shifting sands. And that is because life is exactly like that. And even when a goal is arrived at, we might find the need to then seek out our next destination – or possibly the destination desired did not yield the fullness of our expectations.

And yet in setting a goal and taking the time to plan towards its fulfillment, and expanding the planned effort to reach it, will take you so much farther along the road than if you sat there and twiddled your thumbs.