How To Live With No Goals

Develop an Action Plan When You Have No Goals

It has been suggested that we should live our life free of goals. That’s right – no goals.

But may I add that by even making a decision to live your life with no goals, you have in fact set a goal.

How To Live With No Goals

Goal setting for many seems too hard. That’s why apparently less than 5% ever have them. Fewer ever write them down.

But to set a goal was never meant to be a goad, but rather a guide.

So often people get lost in the process and are overwhelmed by the myriad of advice out there that tells us the right and the wrong way to do our goal setting – but if we simply got on with life and took a closer look at what we are already doing we would, in most cases, discover that many of us are already initiating the goal setting process in our life.

Here’s A Real Life ‘Goal’ Example:

My wife and I recently set a goal. We decided that once a week we would go bushwalking.

We also set a goal to go to the Springbrook National Park – maybe half an hour’s drive from where we live on the Gold Coast – to begin walking along tracks that would take two to three hours to conquer.

There’s something that happens when you set a goal – excitement, purpose, and activity – along with discovery.

One of the walks started out at Canyon Lookout. The walk was called the Twin Falls Circuit – four kilometers of amazing terrain that took in huge boulders the size of a house, sheer cliff faces, two waterfalls that we had the opportunity of walking underneath, beautiful birdsong, and then to top it off I got to hug a massive tree.

Simultaneously we added to our personal fitness, witnessed the majesty of the flora and the fauna – and through the liberating process of clearing our senses – both my wife and I continued to speak together of our personal dreams and aspirations for the future.

There are so many positive spin-offs that come when you set a goal: the power of the goal.

It has been my experience, that in the pursuit of a goal, an overflowing cup of joy always accompanies its pursuit.

No Goal?

So does that mean that there is no power in having ‘no’ goal?

Without a vision for your life? Perish the thought.

We as humans have inbuilt within us a powerful radar that draws us ever forward – and if we consciously engage with that radar what marvelous surprises await our discovery along the way.

So can you live with no goals? Of course you can – but are you really living?

What do you think?