Your Life Depends On Developing An Eagle’s Perspective

Purposeful Life Lessons from an Eagle’s Perspective

Traversing by plane from the Gold Coast to Adelaide, the land below resembled a patchwork quilt of light browns and dark greens that spread in a beautiful pattern all the way to the far horizon.

Your Life Depends On Developing An Eagle’s Perspective

And as I looked at the earth below I was reminded of the eagle. I am so pleased that I have, even through the tough times, sought to gain an eagle’s perspective on life in preference to living a turkey’s scratched-out existence.

See Yourself As An Eagle

And even when I have at times felt that I have been literally physically scratching around in the dirt, I have continued to mentally and spiritually see myself as an eagle catching those warm rising currents, and have found myself thinking high thoughts rather than low thoughts.

This Is What I’ve Done

  • I have continued dreaming whilst living at times through a nightmare.
  • I have continued to have vision whilst momentarily blindsided by circumstances beyond my control.
  • I have chosen to listen to my heart even while I have been deafened by the voices that shouted at me, ‘You will never make it.’
  • I have continued to practice even though I have felt I have at times been sidelined – for it is what you do when nothing is happening that determines how you will perform when your opportunity finally comes.

This Is What You Must Do

  • Develop your ability whilst overcoming your disability and never allow that disability from stopping you from moving forward.
  • Live above and not under your circumstances.
  • Maintain a positive confession and a ‘can do’ spirit.
  • Hope the best, dream the biggest and picture the possibilities rather than the problems.
  • Fall over in the dust, dust yourself off and then go on again and again and again.

All this is achieved by forever developing an eagle’s perspective. So have the eye of the eagle, the strength of the eagle and the wings of the eagle, and watch your life soar to heights beyond your wildest dreams.