Leadership Through The Power Of Posture – The Posture of Leadership

The Power of Posture: How Good Posture Conveys Confidence and Authority.

There have been times in the past when potential clients have put my sales team on the spot by demanding, ‘Convince me that I need….’ whatever product or service they require. They then lean back in their chair as if they are waiting for some performance to be performed.

Leadership Through The Power Of Posture – The Posture of Leadership

Now at times this can prove to be rather threatening, especially for a novice. But someone who has posture will be unphased by such a statement.

Allow me to present to you a simple strategy that will help you to rise above any condescending approach that is thrust upon you.

Respond in your mind by stating, ‘Excuse me. Convince me that you are worthy to become my client.’ Now to some, that may smack of arrogance – but the fact is that if you don’t ooze belief, out of every particle of your being, you will find yourself being used as a doormat.

The Art Of Selectivity

When it comes to business, to friendship and to any other relationship, I am selective.


Because my life depends upon it.

I don’t do business with everybody. Over the years I have become extremely selective as to whom I do business with and qualify people before I even get to sit down with them. I don’t beg. I don’t grovel.

As a professional I am confident in the delivery of what I do, and therefore have created clear directives that clients must follow if they do business with me. The end result is that I have no bad debt, am never chasing money, and can sleep soundly at night. I have positioned myself for success by being in total control.

I have even had potential clients say to me after I have clearly outlined the terms of us doing business, ‘But that means you are in total control.’ My response? ‘Exactly.’ And as a result, because I have taken leadership, the greater percentage of those people end up doing business with me and we are then both positioned to create a long-term relationship that benefits both their business and mine.

Looking For Strong Leadership

People in our world are looking for leadership. So don’t be pushed around. Stand up – filled with the power of posture – and you will find others following you. They will respect you for your integrity, the clarity of the boundaries you have created, and for your strength of character.

But at the same time be willing to walk away from those who are unwilling to yield to your directives. I can assure you that if you do, you will be saved from a lot of future heartache, and at the same time open yourself up to reap bountiful results in all that you do.