How To Grow In Wisdom

How to Gain Wisdom

‘Wisdom tends to grow in proportion to one’s awareness of one’s ignorance.’ Anthony De Mello

The over-riding and enduring evidence of someone who is wise are the foundations of integrity and humility that have been forged throughout the years within the fabric of their beings.

How To Grow In Wisdom

The more they grow the less they realize they know. They are in no need of self promotion. They have no desire to raise themselves above others. They flow seamlessly between those surrounded by abundance and those surrounded by lack. They are as comfortable in the company of paupers as they are in the company of kings.

They are as at home in the solitude as they are in the noise of civilization. Slow to speak. Quick to listen. Ever observing. Attuned to good counsel. Commonsensical in all matters. Disciplined. Persistent. Blessed. Righteous. Just. Insightful.Virtuous.

They have no company with that which is evil. Discrete. Knowledgeable. Lovers of truth. Far more wealthy than any money could ever purchase. They are honored with a name that is defined by goodness and by an abundance of life.

So let wisdom be what you seek. And seek to grow in wisdom far above any other venture. For she, when she is found, is the giver of life; real, lasting and bountiful life.