On Five Words Of Timeless Wisdom

On Five Words Oftimeless wisdom mtg, Refuse to stand as cardboard puppets

I often like to take a short and concise look at some key subjects that interest me – or that are sparked by my daily traverse upon planet earth. Observation is key. Alertness is paramount. Then it is taking the time to capture those thoughts and spill them over and onto a page.

Timeless Wisdom

May these discussions about words, creation, intuition, fire and drinking deeply add value to your life as you pause to read – and may they also stir your mind to question and learn. For the better the questions that we formulate the better answers we will obtain.

On Words Of Timeless Wisdom

Words in the mouth of the wise are as seeds that if planted correctly will yield bountiful crops in those same lives in the next one, two, five or even ten years.

But the words of the unwise will do exactly the same. I have actually overheard two particular people who have said such things as; ‘I will not live to an old age’, and another ‘If I ever lose my wealth there will be nothing for me to live for.’ Those two alone are already dead.

Well the good book states that ‘death and life are in the power of the tongue’, yet most people tend to underestimate the power of the words that they speak.

So does that then place me in a seat of judgment of those who have suffered the consequences of bad speech? No. I am simply an observer and have been observing lives, in relation to this matter, for decades. I have heard the speech and then observed the results of such statements.

So let wisdom declare: put a watch over your mouth, put a guard over your tongue, and train your mouth to speak life-giving words. Resist the urge to unleash death upon your bright future.

For it is a universal truth that when you hear what people say, you see what people are.

On Creation Of Timeless Wisdom

As I see creation around me, amidst the order and the chaos, there is evidence of the spontaneous.

Not so long ago from my holiday balcony I watched as a black mass moved beneath the waters heading south, not far from the shore. Then the fins of a pod of dolphins feeding appeared in a splashing frenzy on that same shoal of fish. Soon the feeding party was joined by a flock of hovering and diving seagulls that partook of the crumbs left over from the dolphin’s dining table. But then within minutes they were gone – spontaneous in appearance and spontaneous disappearance. And yet what joy it gave both my family and myself as we accidentally came upon this scene.

And then another time with frisbee in hand one day and kite the next, splashes of laughter were shared by all involved on the beach amidst the wind and the waves – all because of a spontaneous act of providing these tools of fun.

Life at times can be too ordered and too planned, and yet if we pause to capture the spontaneity that can be grasped at any moment – creativity can be suddenly unleashed.

For it is there that you can at times even suddenly find yourself face to face with God Himself. For He is the deity who appears in the moments – and it is quite often there that you will discover Him in the giggle and even in the spontaneous play.

On Intuition Of Timeless Wisdom

Wisdom is a gift that comes from God. Many are offered this precious gift, but few open the wrapping that contains the priceless jewel that is contained within. For much of wisdom’s nature is founded in the little used common sense that tends to evade many in their journey through life.

And with it comes intuition – ‘the immediate awareness of a concept of truth that is achieved without perception, memory, or reasoning.’ Intuition foresees disaster and creates a plan that will take a higher road. Intuition perceives the character of another from which, as a result of that intuition, an individual chooses to include that one in their inner circle or either treat them with respect while at the same time bidding them goodbye.(1)

Intuition plans. Intuition perceives. Intuition hears. Intuition observes. Intuition silently surveys, and from that observatory on Wisdom Hill makes sound decisions that positively impact both this generation and the generations to come.

On Words Of Timeless Wisdom

But intuition to most of us doesn’t come naturally. It requires the assistance of a school master called Experience to sharpen it as a mighty tool that it is designed to be; to see beneath the surface, to understand the reason why, and to identify and clarify the purpose. It is the rudder that guides the vessel through treacherous and rocky waters. It is the pilot of your soul and the protector of your heart.

Wise is he or she who spends time developing a friendship with their intuitive being. For long shall they live in the land of opportunity and peace, if they prioritize wisdom in their lives.

On Fire Of Timeless Wisdom

There is a flame that is lit within my heart every time that I consult with a great mind. A book, a conversation, a speech, a movie, a song, a scene or even a sign often sparks it.

And if I am ever ready to be lit up with inspion, there is an immediate point of ignition from which creative thought, accompanied by corresponding action, is loosed – like rocket fuel. It causes an explosion, and I cannot but be inspired to be transformed into ‘the creator’.

But the fuel best foraged for such momentous events is a life filled with expectation to receive. That alone prepares the recipient for the flash.

For this one has tendered the tinder during the dry times of perspiration and persistence. For this is often the fuel that paves the way for the flood of inspiration that is set to follow; a flood of fire that will engulf all in its path.

It is a consuming burning mass of uniquity’s flame that in turn will then send forth embers designed to inspire one here and another there, so they too can enjoy the eternal flame that has been lit in the hearts of men and women throughout the ages.

For we are as Olympian runners passing the flame one to another until it reaches its destination – the hearts and souls of men.

Refuse to stand as cardboard puppets. Breathe fire. Be as a molten volcano overflowing its rim. Light the candle. Strike the match. Be fired. Be an inferno.

Be inspired. Be an inspiration, and fan ‘the fire of inspire’ to lift you higher and higher. For that same flame that burns within you will warm the multitudes that so desperately seek more than just the cold and leftover morsels that a life lacking in inspiration would only ever offer them to eat.

On Drinking Deeply Of Timeless Wisdom

In order for us to water others we must first be filled to overflowing. For it is the one who spends time drinking from the wells of wisdom on a continual basis that will irrigate the fields that are planted with people’s lives.

For me personally, it is those writers who have bled upon the page who cut me the deepest. And it is those who have drawn from deeper wells who quench my greatest thirst.

So immerse yourself in the watery expanse and drink deeply.

Drink not only to be filled, but also rather drink for the overflow, so that as you carry yourself along the pathway called life, drops of life-giving sustenance will continually splash over and on to the sides of that dusty track that you trek.

And before long, as you peer over your shoulder, you will begin to see the appearance of green shoots, even flowers – and in time tall and strong limbed trees that now shade others.