The Power Of Simplicity: How To Avoid Over Complicating Things At Work

The Complicity Of Simplicity

It would at times seem a crime to take what educated individuals complicate and turn it into a simplistic explanation.

The Power Of Simplicity: How To Avoid Over Complicating Things At Work

I suppose in one sense, that this is my challenge with institutionalized education. While long winded and complex explanations are being forged in the minds of the experts – a swift interpretation is otherwise being ably provided by another who lacks the credentials and yet still provides solutions.

For to me it is not simply the path of argument that should always be formulated, but rather the ready application to daily life. If what I learn I cannot apply – then why learn?

Books are wonderful – but if it doesn’t teach me what I need to do on a day to day basis, then for what purpose has that book been read?

Ignorance has in the past been attributed to those who do not know the answers to a wide range of general knowledge questions. But I would offer up the suggestion that ignorance is rather the inability to source information for ready application when required. I do not need to know everything in order to be highly educated. I simply need to know where to find the knowledge, or surround myself with those who have access to the knowledge, if and when required.

So if the search for simplicity is my crime, then that’s my crime. I choose to seek out the simple in order to comprehend the complex. For in seeking out the simple, I am then positioned to teach others in a form that they can readily understand and act upon.