The Power Of Practicing Peace: Practice of Peace, Inside and Out

How to Practice Powerful Peace, Inside and Out

Throughout the years that I have been given plenty of opportunity to maintain a spirit of peace – a state of calm, and a stability that is driven from within, and that remains unaffected by what is happening without.

The Power Of Practicing Peace: Practice of Peace, Inside and Out

There are so many forces – particularly in this media-driven generation – that would seek to draw away our attention from our internal mission and our God-given assignment.

True Reception

And it is for that reason that we must constantly guard our personal radar from being jammed or interfered with, for true reception rises from the heart and soul of man. What a tragedy to wake up at the end of a lifetime to suddenly realize that you’ve been playing another tune – one that is discordant and far below your potential.

Each of us have been dispatched a unique tune that we’ve been created to hum, to sing, or to play – and one of life’s greatest enjoyments is to embark upon the journey of discovery that ultimately unveils the beautiful melody – the one of a kind orchestration- that is solely yours.

It cannot be stolen. It cannot be faithfully copied or imitated. It is yours alone, and it is for you alone to sing. It is in that zone that true peace can be attained, and true fulfillment and satisfaction achieved.

Become A Maestro

However, what if you have only been supplied with one string upon which to play your tune, then pluck it with all of your might as a master violinist would play a complete instrument. Practice day and night – fully committed to becoming a grand master who will usher forth a concerto that will fill the room whenever youenter. Let it pour forth with such clarity and purity of sound, that others will hunger to hear more and be urged to discover their own melody.

For it is as we all stay true to our melodic distribution that we will create, in unison, a symphony – far greater than anything penned by Beethoven.

Seven Billion Renditions

Imagine seven billion musical renditions that have been designed to produce a world of rich colour, of dynamic revelations designed to bring joy to all – birthed from a state of serene peace.

So if you are called to pluck, pluck with all you have. To strum? Then strum. To sing? Then sing. To blow? Then blow. To strike? Then strike.

Find your place, and that may mean at first enduring a period of trying and failing. But stay with the mission and fail until you succeed, for you will succeed if you never stop.

And once you have found your place – be you, and you alone. Refuse to be swayed by other noises that invade your state of peace – and stay there – for it is in this place that you were created to rise above the clatter of a busy world and dwell at your optimal best.