The Power of Commitment: The Awesome Opportunities Unleashed Through Commitment

From Dreamers to Achievers: Unleashing the Power of Commitment in Leadership

Or in my vernacular – flat out, full on, flat strap, like a bat out of hell (well maybe not that one – how about like an angel out of heaven maybe), but I guess you get my gist.

The Power of Commitment: The Awesome Opportunities Unleashed Through Commitment

I cannot and will not stand still.

Like a duck on water I am cool, calm and collected on the surface, but underneath that water those little webbed feet are paddling in a consistent state of perpetual motion.

I have more ideas than I know what to do with. My dreams are bigger than an elephant and I’m eating that elephant one bite-size chunk at a time.

I hear of people in my age group discussing and planning for retirement, while I’m executing REFIREMENT.

The only time I will retire is in a wooden box, and with a desired age requirement of 104 in place I have another lifetime to live before I pull up stakes.

This is the power of commitment to living life to the full. So allow me to share how commitment will unleash awesome opportunities in your direction.

  1. The Opportunity To Reach Your Full Potential

Don’t dilly-dally. Don’t be wishy-washy. Make a commitment.

I wasn’t always committed. After dating my wife for nearly four years it took my mother asking, ‘When are you going to marry that girl?’ to shake me out of my non-committal state.

I don’t know what I’d been thinking to that point – not much obviously.

I was just enjoying spending time with my best friend – who now happens to be my wife of nearly three decades.

Commitment? Marriage? Never really crossed my mind.

But as you can guess – I was once and for all shaken out of non-commitment state and took the plunge, we were married the very next year.

When you finally draw a line in the sand and make a commitment to be or do you have just allowed the opportunity to reach your full potential to take place.

As a boy I was told to not play with my food on my plate, but to in fact eat it. If food was never eaten I wouldn’t have been nourished. I needed to commit that mouthful to my stomach to gain any nutritional benefit.

The same goes with life. Commit to a cause. Commit to the support of your family. Commit to being the best example or leader or son or daughter or mother or father.

Once committed, you will begin to draw ever closer to your full potential.

It was only as I committed myself to the daily practice of writing that I was transformed into a professional writer. Without commitment it would have never happened.

  1. The Opportunity To Pursue Your Passion

There is nothing more satisfying than to spend the bulk of each day in the pursuit of your passion.

To do what I love, and to love what I do, is so pleasurable.

Work is not work. Labor is not labor. I work hard because I want to work hard, not because I have to work hard.

I create my own timetable. No one tells me when to work, when to take my lunch break, when to start, or when to finish.

I decide my paycheck. I write my future – all in the pursuit of my passion.

Commitment to my craft has made the way clear for the daily pursuit of my passion.

  1. The Opportunity To Profit From Your Passion

Once your passion is identified, and if this is something that you wish to make your livelihood from, then that is the time to explore the possible ways you can profit from it.

Over a decade ago I identified that the Internet was the future – and that was when I emptied my bank account and attended a three-day seminar to learn about the Internet and of how I could find my place in this ever-expanding world.

This culminated in the creation of a web design company that provided an amazing platform for my two eldest children to discover their future careers in the online world – and at the same time equip me for what I am now doing.

After 7 years of owning a profitable web design company I helped my children launch their own online businesses and took time out for a six-month period to pursue my passion for everything motivational.

So how am I profiting from my passionate at this point?

  • Sale of my online coaching course Self Development Mastermind
  • Sale of my Daily Motivational Memo
  • Online and off-line life/business coaching
  • Keynote speaking engagements
  • Staff training
  • Selective web and blog design projects
  • Affiliate marketing of other personal development products
  • Advertising on my blog
  • Joint venture online projects with my staff
  1. The Opportunity To See Your Dreams Come True

Every time I have committed wholeheartedly to a plan or a project it is amazing how all the pieces fall into place. There is a magnetism that is created through the power of focus.

The universe responds to such commitment. Suddenly the people required for the fulfillment of your dream appear in your life. Events take place that support your commitment. Momentum kicks in. Walls of opposition fall down. A way is found through, over, under, or around whatever is standing in the path of your dream’s fulfillment.

You suddenly become extremely resourceful and creative. And if for some reason a goal is not achieved in a given timeframe, you are empowered to simply reset the goal and the date for its future achievement.

  1. The Opportunity To Inspire Others

I love it how through commitment to your own dreams we suddenly find that we are in a privileged position to inspire others to reach their potential, passion, profit and dreams.

It’s our story – and sometimes it is a story of struggle – that shouts out to the world that ‘If I could do it, so can you.’

I know for a fact that it has been other people’s stories that have fuelled my own life – to press on, to commit, and to pursue the significance I have always known I was born for.

So what story are you going to write called ‘Your Life’?