The 4 Marks Of The Genuine Human

4 Core Qualities of Truly Genuine People

We live in a day and age where we are surrounded by an air of superficiality.

Now superficiality and its presentation will last for a while, but in time the winds of change will blow them away – and all will be revealed.

The 4 Marks Of The Genuine Human

So let’s run from such a façade and pursue genuineness that lasts the tides of time. For in the end the genuine are those who stand and who are genuinely remembered and admired by the generations.

Here are just four marks that define the life of a genuine human.

  1. They believe in themselves

Belief is so important if you are going to build a strong life. Belief is what carries you through the times when those around you may or may not necessarily support or understand the path that you have chosen. Especially if you have made it your mission to love what you do and do what you love.

So many on planet earth settle for – but the passionate will often, in the face of repeated failure, press on in the pursuit of their personal strength until they finally kick a goal and rise above their disappointments as a winner.

I have always known that I was a successful entrepreneur long before I ever had any notable success. The same occurred when I pursued the role of an author.

Belief carries you through the valleys long before you ever reach your mountaintop.

  1. They speak the truth

It’s one thing to think the truth, but it takes courage to speak the truth. At times the truth may put you at odds with the mass of downstream swimmers. But if it’s about a truth issue then the genuine human will speak up for the truth.

People of this caliber have been represented by the likes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, President Abraham Lincoln, Sir Winston Churchill and Mother Theresa. As you can see, that when you speak the truth you stand in the company of great men and women.

  1. They think the truth

Jesus said that the truth would set us free. But first we must learn how to think the truth.

One of the ways this can take place in your mind is to learn the art of questioning everything.

So many go through life simply accepting everything that is thrust at them within religious, educational, scientific, political, and social circles.

But humans were never created to be sponges, and in recent days we have once again seen how the general populous has suddenly risen up with one voice against despotic governments, some which have ruled and reigned for more than four decades, and within days, weeks and months these regimes have toppled.


Because people started to think – in unison – the truth.

  1. They act the truth

This thinking has then led to action. And this is where the power is unleashed – when you take this belief, this speech, and this thinking, and translate it into the power of action.

For until you act – it is but a dream. However, if you have the will to take even the first tentative action steps, then watch how things change both in your life and in the lives of others.

For this is the fourth mark of the genuine human – truthful action.

So believe the truth about yourself – that you are a valuable human and have value to bring to your world. Speak and think the truth and finally act truthfully – no matter what others say or think – for you must be true to yourself, and to your personal uniqueness. These are the marks that will lead you all the way to true happiness and fulfilment.

*Inspired by notes in a sermon by Ralph Waldo Emerson

So which of these marks are you currently working on in your life?