Possess Your Bright Future

How to Have a Great Future

I was recently reviewing a random selection of my journals – I currently have forty of these on my home office bookshelf that cover a period of thirty years. In these precious volumes I have recorded the intimate reflections of my thoughts, my dreams, my concerns, my plans, my hopes and my desires. And as I flicked from page to page I could sense the struggle, I could feel the fight that was encapsulated in every word that I scribbled on those pages.

Possess Your Bright Future

For within these volumes has been waged many a battle. This combat was, and is to this day, my personal struggle to unveil my destiny and to possess my future.

Every single page resembled a wrestling match as I tossed and I turned with my thought processes. The wrestle is represented by every stroke of my pen upon the pages found within these precious journals.

But as I read page after page I discovered a truth. And the truth was this: Your future and my future must be possessed.

Now let me clarify that statement. It is actually your bright future that must be possessed. A dismal future will, as a matter of course, happen of its own accord if you fail to fight for the existence of your dreams.

But I am and have always been a possessor, and as I read my journals I could taste the blood, I could smell the sweat. I could even feel the tears. For I was being confronted by my humanity and I was humbled. For within those same pages are revealed both my strengths and my weaknesses, my victories and my defeats, my dark nights, my long days, and yet at times the sunshine of hope pierced the ominous clouds of my life with hopes and dreams fulfilled. And it was, and is for that reason that I continue to press on.

But in the midst of the wartime record found within those volumes there is a truth unveiled, and that is that we must be pro-active in our life pursuit. For if we simply allow life to happen – it will. Nothing will ever change. Oh maybe just one thing. We will blink our eyes for what seems like a moment and ten years will have already passed. The only thing that will have changed is our age.

I don’t want to ever live a normal life. I want to live a life of significance. How about you? Refuse to allow the spirit of mediocrity to strangle your God-given gift of extraordinary life.

Write your dreams. Record your goals. Step out. Move forward. Speak up.

Now is the day to go and possess your bright future. It awaits your arrival.