Motivational Wisdom For Successful Living to Help You Rise Above

GET FIRED UP: Motivational quotes to inspire your positive mindset for success in life

Life can seem like a never-ending and stressful battle revolving around paying bills and trying to get ahead. This stress has terrible effects not only on mood but also on physical health. If you are feeling at the end of your rope and need a big change, have hope that you can change your life.

Motivational Wisdom For Successful Living to Help You Rise Above
  1. Discover Your Ultimate Goal

The best time to transform your life is right now. You do not need to wait until sometime in the future to make this change; you already have the most important thing available for this transformation – yourself.

One way to discover your ultimate goal – or goals — in life is to imagine yourself at the end of your life. What will bring you the best feelings, the most comfort and the biggest sense of accomplishment when you are about to take your final breath. Your answer to this will count as your ultimate goal. Once you are aware of this goal, this purpose, everything else becomes significantly clearer.

  1. Write it Down

Write down your primary goals, in many places, for easy reference. This helps reinforce your life purpose in your mind, which can aid you if you find yourself getting off track and despairing over inconsequential things.

Life has ways of sending obstacles towards us. If you have a clear view of your purpose, then the obstacles are simply part of the game of life on earth and nothing more. If you lose sight of your ultimate goals and purpose, obstacles loom much larger and can gain far more power over you than necessary. Taxes, bills, illness are all a part of life, but they are only a “part” of it unless you allow them to be all of life.

  1. Discover Your Blocks

Most people have inner conditioning and automatic thought and behavioral patterns that can block joy and success. In order to change these, you must first become aware of what they are so that you can consciously address them. The best way to discover blocks is to take time, daily, for quiet reflection.

Modern life is busy, noisy and full of distractions that draw our attention away from the inner, true self. If you stop for a while each day to pay attention to yourself, you may be amazed at what you discover. Gently ask yourself questions such as,

  • What is stressing me out the most right now?
  • Why is that stressing me out?
  • What are underlying feelings or patterns I may have that keep me caught up in that stressful loop?

Allow any answers to come naturally. You may eventually recall specific childhood events or old feelings that made you feel anxious about life or less than worthy of good things in life. Whatever the insights are that come to you, be happy about them, knowing that you are now one powerful step closer to releasing negative things that have kept you down.

  1. Change Negative Patterns

This can be a lifelong process, but even small discoveries about the self, increment by increment, are incredibly transforming. Issues of low self-worth, for example, often lead to self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Simply by becoming aware of this kind of negative pattern helps you avoid falling into the same trap of failure and self-hate over and over. Question negative feelings and then switch your thoughts to something else for a while. Keep affirmations on hand and reminders of your goals.

  1. Cultivate Positive Habits

Make a list of positive habits you would like to cultivate in yourself. This can be anything that you feel will help you live a happier life, including small things and bigger things. It could be a new health habit, for example, such as eating more vegetables or learning yoga. One by one, you can add to this list of positive habits you want to cultivate, positive things you would like to do, and other things you would like to experience.

Life doesn’t always cooperate the way we would like it to, but we do have the power to respond in ways that are self-empowering. Positive transformation truly does begin within. No matter what else happens in life, you always have yourself – cultivating a good relationship with yourself is essential.