10 Best Mini-Motivators to Boost Your Productivity

Mini Motivators: 10 Inspiring Quotes & Sparks of Wisdom To Fuel Your Fire!

Here are some powerful Mini Motivators drawn from the fantastic little book entitled The Mini MOTIVATOR by Paul Hanna. ENJOY!!!!

10 Best Mini-Motivators to Boost Your Productivity

I’m going to share 10 of these powerful motivators with you now.

  1. Keep Your Car Immaculate

Forget what you may have heard. When it comes to cars, we all judge a book by its cover.

Try arriving at a five-star hotel in a clapped-out piece of automation and watch how you get treated. But try arriving in a parking car and see the difference.

It’s not right or wrong – it’s just how we are all built. Remember that saying: ‘An ounce of image is worth a ton of performance’. Whatever your car, be it a BMW or a Berlina, a Falcon or a Ferrari – when it’s dirty, it tells everyone outside what is going on inside… your head!

  1. Never, Ever Take No For An Answer

How long do you keep persisting when you get a ‘No’?

If you lift your self-esteem you will start to see your resilience improve. Remember, the size of a person is determined by what it takes to upset them, so the higher your self-esteem the less likely you are to give in quickly.

  1. Mental Ownership

The great American sales trainer, Tom Hopkins, once said, ‘People love to buy after they own’.

Imagine a guy who is thinking about buying a new car and takes it home to show his loved ones. When he and his family see it in the garage, looking like it belongs there, they all decide they just have to have it.

Get people emotionally involved in your product, and they’ll move heaven and earth to buy it from you.

  1. Persistence

As every car salesperson will tell you. It’s persistence that ends up beating resistance.

  1. Dress For Success

People do judge a book by its cover.

Dress like the person you want to become.

  1. Negativity In Others

Every salesperson knows that an objection is just a request for more information. When a salesperson gives a customer the answers to their objections, he or she gets the sale.

Negative people – people who are always ‘objecting’ – are really just wanting to be convinced that they matter, that they are okay.

Assist then in this quest and watch the turnaround in their attitude.

  1. Deadlines Bring Your Goals Into Focus

If one of your goals is not happening as fast as you want it to, you can speed things up by putting a deadline on it.

As soon as a realistic deadline is in place, you will start to see how to achieve it.

  1. People Buy You, Not Your Product

Every salesperson will tell you all about ‘call reluctance’. It’s not wanting to be rejected by prospective clients.

If you’re having trouble seeing more clients because you’re worried about being rejected, start depositing more points into your Self-esteem Bank Account. When you lift your self-esteem, you will see objection as not as an assault on your character, but simply as what they are: a request for more information.

When you give the information in a professional and enthusiastic way, the client will share your beliefs and, in all probability, buy. Act defensively and your client will say, ‘Let me think it over’ or ‘Leave it with me.’

People buy people, not products.

  1. The Secret Of Success

Successful people know they are just like everyone else. They have unlimited potential, just like we all do.

But successful people don’t sit around wishing and hoping for things to happen. They know that their strength lies in focusing on clear goals.

  1. Plan Your Day The Night Before

Each night, before you go to sleep, write down in your diary a list of what you would like to accomplish the following day. (Make a list of no more than 6 things. Too many things on your list can trigger self defeat before you even get started.) Give each item an A, B or C according to how high a priority they are.

The next day, watch how you start to improve your focus. As you tick off the things on your list, you’ll feel great. Your Self-esteem Bank Account will start to benefit because you’ll be providing lots of opportunities to tell yourself that you’re a winner.

Motivational Quote: Mini motivators applied to your life create MAXI results.