How To Unleash A Powerful Life By Leaving

How to Unleash Your Inner High-Achiever: Powerful Steps for Living a Purpose-Driven Life

To traverse to another land across the oceans we must first leave the shore. This is where the adventure begins, where danger lurks, and where possibility is unveiled.

However, if we do not leave we will never arrive. It’s as simple as that.

How To Unleash A Powerful Life By Leaving

To obtain what is better in life we must often let go of what is less than best.

This requires faith, belief, and a dose of gumption that immediately sets you apart from the crowd who is too fearful to ever leave the comfort of the familiar.

So here are five ‘leaves’, that I have learnt out of my life’s book, that you might like to consider as you continue to embark on your own personal life journey.

  1. Leave Your Comfort Zone

How do you leave your comfort zone? Get uncomfortable.

It’s a choice.

However, some people will even remain in the comfort of poverty all their days because it’s grown comfortable, like a stinking torn, and ragged old lounge chair.

Some people will even get comfortable in a job they hate, and even keep running a business that they despise. Why? Because as long as they’re getting by – the so-called security that they find in their present situation provides comfort.

Will anything change?

No – for in their misery they have become comfortable. It is a place where no faith is required, and fear is their daily companion.

Mediocrity can be comfortable. Relying upon the government can seem comfortable for a time. Pain can even become comfortable if you are unwilling to make the decisions to change.

But if you are ever to move forward with what you were born to do while a resident here on planet earth, you must leave your comfort zone.

  1. Leave Your Old Way Of Thinking

As you think, so you are.

Your life is defined by your thoughts, because the way you think acts as a rudder that steers your ‘life’ boat.

Impossible thinking creates a life of challenges you will never overcome.

However, possible thinking opens up the possibilities for a life filled with fulfilled dreams.

Negative thoughts create a negative speech pattern that turns into a negative life.

However, positive thoughts are expressed with positive words that create a positive life.

To leave your old way of thinking requires reprogramming through the ingestion of positive information such as the 15 books that destroyed my mediocre life.

It requires discipline and constant attention that requires the acquisition of new and positive habits – particularly in the area of your thinking.

  1. Leave Your Old Sphere Of Influence

It is often our greatest desire that as we change and move into a more positive sphere of living, that all our old friends would come on the journey with us.

My experience though has revealed that in the majority of cases this will not occur. You will begin to acquire other friends and develop relationships with those of a similar mindset as you grow.

So at times, no matter how painful at times it may feel, you will need to move on from your old sphere of influence.

You will acquire new mentors, and the level of thinking that you have now developed will not allow you to have ‘the meeting of the minds’ with those you may have associated with in the past.

  1. Leave To Turn Over A New Leaf

To turn over a new leaf is a figurative form of speech that simply means to begin again, fresh, to reform and to start behaving in a better and different way.

Life is not about stagnation. Life is about growing. Life is about freshness. Life is about reformation. Life is about beginning again. Life is about getting better and better with each and every passing day.

If you’re not moving forward in life then you’re going backwards. If you’re standing still you just might be decaying.

Don’t delay. Turn over a new leaf today.

  1. Leave Your Positive Mark On The Next Generation

A man I respected greatly – David Wilkerson – about which I have composed a musical based on his early life story – was just this past week – at the age of 79 – killed in a car accident.

Sad as it was, there was no doubt that he left a positive mark on the next generation.

Multitudes have been, and will continue to be, impacted by his life, and by both his written and spoken words.

Choose to follow his example and leave a legacy that inspires others to rise up to be all that they were created to be.