How To Live Creatively: Creativity as a Way of Life

How to Live More Creatively: Train Your Brain to Be More Creative

As a student at school I often struggled. The only reason I ultimately ended up in the A classes in high-school was because I made a conscious decision that I wanted to stop failing, and at that point in my life I decided to work harder than I’d ever worked.

How To Live Creatively: Creativity as a Way of Life

But the highlights in my whole schooling career were the years that I had teachers who allowed me to light the creative spark that resided within me.

One year it was a Maths teacher, another year an English teacher and then yet another year a Science teacher. In each of these years, with each of these teachers, I excelled beyond my wildest dreams – and even came top of my year in some of my subjects.

The common thread in all these memorable experience was creativity.

I love creating new things. I love creating music. I love creating friendships. I love creating books. I love creating blogs like this one. I love creating businesses. I love creating vegetable gardens. I simply love creating, and being involved in the whole creative process.

So how does one then live creatively?

  1. Ask Yourself This Question

And that question is, ‘What would I love to create?’

Maybe it’s travel plans, an email to a long lost friend, a cake, a work of art, a musical composition, a poem, an event for friends, a dinner, or even a wooden boat. For every one of us has, because each of us have been given unique gifts, the ability to create something from nothing.

Not just following what others have created, but rather reaching deep within to create something that flows out of those natural gifts.

  1. Stop Being Only A Consumer

You weren’t born to simply consume the creations of others. You were created to be a contributor and to be creative. There is something special that you can bring to your world today.

If you can’t think of anything else, you can at least create a moment of joy for another person. See, it’s not just about creating things. It can be about creating memories, creating feelings of happiness, or anything that makes this world a better place in which to live.

  1. Go Ahead And Start Creating

You don’t have to wait for permission to create. As soon as you think of it you can create it. So get busy creating.

Maybe you should cook up a fresh batch of cookies and take them over to your neighbors. Why not write a poem and put it in a card and give it to some person you love for no reason except to say that you love them. Create moments. Date your daughter. Pay for someone else’s purchase. Do the unexpected. Be creative.

Maybe the first thing you can do is to grab a pen and a piece of paper and create a list. And then begin to do the list.

For in the Australian idiom, ‘Those who create are great mate!’