Turning The Impossible Into The Possible

Mission Impossible: Turning the Impossible into Possible

When the Wright brothers pronounced that they would be the first humans to fly, many people said that humans could and would never fly.”This time, they carried the glider almost to the top of Big Kill Devil Hill.

Turning The Impossible Into The Possible

‘Ready?’ asked Orville.

‘Ready,’ replied Wilbur from his prone position.

Safely in the air, Wilbur warped the wings. There was an instant response and Wilbur glowed with joy. But as the glider curved, he became aware of a new disorder. He adjusted the controls, there was little response. True, the glider turned. Still – although puzzled, he managed a safe landing.

On his fifth flight that day, Wilbur became aware of increased instability. Then the left wing dipped far too deeply. Frantically he pushed the elevator control. He was too late. The tip of the wing bit into the sand and he was hurled forward against the canvas elevator.

The birds all knew the secret of turning while in flight. But their secret was so deep no one could solve it. People said it was impossible for a heavier-than-air machine to fly. But Wilbur and Orville determined to show the world that it could and would be done.”

Source: ‘The Wright Brothers – They Gave Us Wings’ By Charles Ludwig

All of us are faced with impossible situations, from time to time throughout our lives. But the incredible thing is that within the word ‘impossible’ is found another word ‘possible’.

The more you explore impossible situations you are going to discover some possible solutions that will help you to ride through, over, under or around whatever is standing between you in your present impossible situation and take you to the land of the possible.

Here are four sure-fire ways to help you to turn each and every impossibility you face into a possibility.


Before the Wright brothers ever achieved the impossibility of flying, many lives were lost by those who sought to fly. In 1896 it is recorded that in the August of that year, Otto Lilienthal, the German glider enthusiast was killed during a glide.

However, when the two brothers wanted a place to experiment, they knew that they were going to fail and so found a very safe piece of ground to fail on. They didn’t jump off bridges or cliffs. They found a large flat piece of ground with a good strong wind, and practiced failure until the day they could fly. The place was Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Because they took risks wisely, they were able to change the world forever.

I recently had a discussion with a successful property investor. His advice was that before you ever pursue any venture, first have your exit strategy in place.

Calculate the risk and ensure, that even if failure occurs, that you will be around to pick yourself up, brush yourself off and push on once again towards success.



Learn the language of the achiever and the winner. Remove the words, ‘I can’t afford it’ or ‘I can’t do that’, ‘that’s impossible’ or ‘it’s never been done before’ out of your vocabulary.

By constantly thinking ‘outside of the box’, you will be setting yourself up for a rich and prosperous life.


Financial Reality:

If you find that financially you can never seem to make a meeting ends, then the best thing for you to do is to have a financial checkup.

Find out exactly what you are spending and where your hard earned income is really going.

Prepare a budget. There are many tools available on the Internet that can help you with the process of taking hold of your financial reality. Go to your favorite search engine and type in budget planner.

Health Reality:

Obviously we should check the reality of our health. I do this personally by taking a physical at least once every two years. I service my car every 10,000 km, so it is a good idea to take care of the vehicle that I live in 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Some years back I had a physical that revealed I had extremely high blood cholesterol levels and by simply adjusting my diet and adding to it regular exercise, I was able to rectify that situation before it got too serious.

Spiritual Reality:

I do a spiritual reality check-up every Sunday I go to church. Not only does it keep my compass pointing in the right direction for my life, but I often get some great ideas for my future Motivational Memos.

Obviously there are many other areas of our life that require regular reality checkups. Make a list and do your own analysis.



I have a teenage son. When I took over the responsibility for his education a few years ago I had incredible difficulty in getting him motivated about reading.

Now for someone who writes books I found it extremely difficult to understand, but thinking back to when I was his age I could more readily identify with the dilemma.

I realized that it was important for him to expand his reality so that he could grow not only in knowledge but also in wisdom. But how could I find his hot button?

I discovered it. I was reading a book that explained that one way a parent helped his son to expand his reality was through the reading of biographies of people who lived the lives that his son wanted to live.

So from that day on Ben has been reading books, written at his present reading level and interest, about Albert Einstein, Christopher Columbus, Johnny Appleseed, Susanna Wesley, Florence Nightingale, Abraham Lincoln, The Wright Brothers, Isaac Newton, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and the list goes on and on. He now loves reading and we often talk about the latest great person that he is learning about.

Motivational Quote: Nothing is impossible to the possible thinker.