Tread Your Own Path

Treading Your Own Path

Take a path less travelled by others and tread your own.

Oh you may have to break open virgin territory that requires the use of a machete or a front-end loader, but that is the way of the pioneer. That is the trek of the adventurer.

Tread Your Own Path

They don’t want to take the beaten path. They want to push out the boundaries and break down the traditions of men. They want to ask the hard questions. They refuse to accept the statement: ‘that’s the way it has always been done around here.’

When everyone else is going right, they will be going left. When everyone is going up,they will be going down. When everyone is going under, they will be going over. When everyone is queuing up behind everyone else, they’ll go and stand at the front of a new queue that they just created, because they can.

So be a trendsetter. Be a revolutionary. Be confrontational if you wish. Create your own brand called You Inc.

Don’t put up with the way things are done. Do something completely outrageous and brand spanking new. Push against the restrictions. Extend your tent pegs. And if it says, ‘Wet Paint’, just don’t touch it. I dare you to grab it with both hands. Be radical. Be loud. Be large. Be huge. Be-autiful!

And in being you, make sure that everything you do will create a better world for all of us to live in, because you have decided to join the long list of inventive minds, who have lived throughout the ages (and are now heralded as champions), who chose to tread their own path.