The 4 Secrets To Living & Unlearning

The Power of Unlearning: How to Let Go of Beliefs to Embrace Success

‘Nothing was ever so unfamiliar and startling to me as my own thoughts.’ Henry David Thoreau

My experience with life to this point has taught me a number of things.

One of which is that to become an ‘exceptional liver’ it often requires the process of stripping down and the removal of layers upon layers of non-essential habits acquired through family genes, peer association and influence, along with negative thinking fueled by your environment.

The Power of Unlearning: 4 Practices to Unleash Your Inner Self

This is just as important as acquiring new, winning and positive thoughts and habits.

The Lesson From My Garden

I currently live on acreage in a beautiful place on the Gold Coast of Australia called Tallebudgera. My view from my back door that leads to a large wooden deck area is the Australian bush, and I’m privileged to live only five minutes drive from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The air is clear, the birdsong divine, and the view glorious.

And yet, if I don’t attend to the gardens, even though I do have a gentleman who comes regularly to mow my lawns and trim my hedges, it is not very long before weeds invade and start to overtake.

The fact is that my beautiful garden remains beautiful only through the constant removal of weeds. Without the continuous attention to this detail my garden habitat would be overrun.

The Lesson From My Life

The same occurs in my day to day life. Just by living and associating with the sights and sounds of life, if I’m not careful, I can pick up weeds.

In most cases, the seeds are deposited directly into my head. They come through media, friends, books or simply rise up from within nurtured by a lifelong development of habits.

The mind left to its own devices is an unruly beast, and that is why it must be reigned in and trained on a regular basis.

I understand this and it is for that reason that I make it my daily habit to soak my mind with positive thoughts, positive reading materials, and by surrounding myself with positive people.

By doing that it uproots any weeds that may have secretly invaded my head and heart space. In addition it realigns any wrong thinking that may have taken root.

In fact, just like my garden, it requires pruning, trimming, weeding and fertilizing, so as to create a pleasant environment where fresh thoughts are formed and creativity is given a clear space to blossom.

So what are the 4 secrets to living and unlearning?

  1. Tend your mind like a garden.
  2. Plant only good thoughts in your mind through reading, listening, and associating with positive materials and people.
  3. Pull out the weeds of negative thoughts and words by replacing them with positive thoughts, reinforced by a positive vocabulary
  4. Then repeat points 1 -3 every day of your life.

What do you need to unlearn in order to start living at a higher level?