Phenomenal Traits Of The Exceptional: The Qualities of Exceptional People

Be Exceptional: Master the Traits That Set Extraordinary People Apart

When it comes to exceptional service, it is service that is out of the ordinary and relates to or forms an exception. It is unusual, remarkable and superior.

Phenomenal Traits Of The Exceptional: The Qualities of Exceptional People

Exceptional products stand out from the crowd. They perform at a higher level, last longer, give more value for the dollar, provide comfort or convenience to our lives and are the ones that we will purchase time and time again.

Exceptional people are the type of people that I like to hang around. They are givers. They are achievers. They speak good words. They never quit.

They pursue excellence in all their endeavors and choose to walk the extra mile while smiling the largest smile.

These people are exclusive because they are an exception.

Their lives are ‘an exception to the rule’ because they rule their lives differently to the mass of humanity who have chosen to follow the crowd.

And that, I propose, is what makes them exceptional.

Exceptional People Hate…

Exceptional people hate ruts. They’re like graves for dead men. Not places for the living. And when confronted with anything that looks like a grave they hire a front end loader and demolish it.

They hate restrictions. Restrictions stop them from pushing ahead in the pursuit of their dreams. they break restrictions with their bare hands.

Exceptional people hate the words, ‘You can’t do that. You can’t go there. You’re not qualified.’ They bite those words between their teeth and declare defiantly, ‘Watch me!’

They hate impossibility. They look at it square in the face and breathe all over it, ‘Nothing is impossible to me because they have a belly full of belief.’

Exceptional people hate ignorance. It is the blight of all the members of humanity who struggle to make ends meet, day in and day out. Exceptional people make it their mission to acquire knowledge, seek out mentors and share what they’re learning with others as fast as they learn it.

They hate conformity. When anyone tries to stick them in a box, they kick it out. They refuse to be hemmed in because they’re a free spirit with their own dream and their own method of pursuing that dream and its fulfillment.

They accept nothing less than what they expect.

Exceptional People Love…

Exceptional people love challenges. They are an opportunity to draw out their hidden strengths that would have never been found if trouble hadn’t darkened their door.

They love mistakes. They are their teacher. They learn from them. Mistakes cause them to stop and evaluate in order to make corrections so that they don’t repeat them time and time again.

Exceptional people love roadblocks. They cause them to become more and more creative. Because they know that there is a way, they will find a way.

They love storms. For every storm there is always a rainbow to be found. And at the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold.

Exceptional people love the words ‘impossible’ and ‘quit’. They get to prove them wrong time and time again as they rip them out of my dictionary.

They love confrontation. It allows them to walk graciously while maintaining their integrity and holding onto their dignity.

Exceptional people accept nothing less than the best.

This Is How You Can Be Exceptional

So, to become an exception, or to live an exceptional life, one needs to live differently.

It comes down to habits.

I recently picked up a book about one of the world’s best swimmers, and in reading about his daily training schedule it didn’t take a genius to work out why he is so good.

Apart from him being blessed with huge feet, which must have acted like the propeller of a ship, he followed up his passion with years of dedication and hard work.

These habits flowed over and into his ability to become a champion in his chosen field of endeavor.

If you desire to be exceptional, in whatever field you choose, then you too must refine your daily habits and consistently apply them to your daily life.

For me to improve as a writer, I must write every day. I must read a whole lot more than I write. I must study other writers. I must be diligent and consistent. I must be passionate, and that passion increases as I work harder and get to know my subject better and better through use.

Don’t be satisfied with anything less than exceptional. Rise up to the challenge to be the best you that you can possibly be. Accept nothing but the best from yourself, starting today.

For except you live exceptionally, you will never live an exceptional life.

Be Exceptional: Master the Traits That Set Extraordinary People Apart