One Of The Most Important Languages In The World To Learn For Success

Most important languages to learn: Discovering the languages that will dominate in 2050

We’re living in times where doing business globally is being done more than ever. That requires us to speak different languages such as Mandarin, English, Hindustani, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and the list goes on. As important as those languages are, none of them come close to the importance of the most magical languages in the world.

One Of The Most Important Languages In The World To Learn For Success

There are in fact seven languages that the world’s most powerful visionaries, innovators, leaders, generals, and rulers have mastered.

I won’t speak about all seven of them here, but I will speak about one of them. It’s a language that will completely change how people respond to you when you communicate with them. A language where the audience will be mesmerized by your message. It will prevent anyone in the audience from yawning or checking their cell phone for emails because it’s speaking to their souls. You will have their attention the entire time.

The Great Use This Language

It’s what great commercials do. It’s what a great pastor does from the pulpit. It’s what Coca Cola, Apple, McDonalds, and Walt Disney have done for decades.

By now you’re probably a bit annoyed and curious about what that language really is.

The language I’m referring to is the “Dream” language. Yes, I did say the “Dream” language.

Movies that grab our attention for 120 minutes do so by getting us to fantasize for a moment that we’re Rocky, William Wallace, General Patton, or Alexander the Great. It makes us dream about – what if we were that brave, good looking, powerful, or strong. It helps us dream.

I see too many amateur salesmen, entrepreneurs, or speakers try to make a point with logic that completely loses the audience.

We All Want To Buy The Dream

The reality is that we all want to buy the Dream. We buy a big screen TV not because of the details of the TV but because that TV is going to give us cool points with our friends. We buy the sports car not because of the details of the engine but more about how it makes us feel when we drive it. These feelings take us to a place where the real world can’t ever take us.

The world prefers to know that there’s a chance to live out their fantasy and their dreams. None of us went to sleep at night with our mother telling us a bedtime fact or statistic, but instead a bedtime story. The story influenced the kind of a dream we were going to have that night. Our imagination started taking over.

So this poses the question: how does one get better at speaking the dream language? Well, it isn’t that difficult, but it’s certainly something that takes some time.

Have you ever met folks with a different dialect of the same language? People in New York have a much different dialect or accent than those from New Orleans or California. The reason for that is because they’re around it all the time and eventually they can’t help but speak with that dialect.

How To Articulate The Dream Language

The same goes with the Dream language. If you don’t speak it all the time, it won’t be a part of you, but if you make an effort to speak about the Dream on a daily basis then eventually it’s just like speaking a new language without having to think about the next word that’s going to come out of your mouth. It becomes natural. But don’t let anybody kill your dream.

Make an effort from today on to paint the picture of what the dream will look like to your spouse, parents, customers, children, students, peers and you’ll see the magic happen. People will want you to keep talking without asking you to stop. This is one of the seven languages that very few ever fully grasp. But those who do will start experiencing things that you only ever see in movies and fantasies.