Money Is Made In Your Mind: How to Change Your Money Mindset

Money And Your Mind: How Your Thoughts Shape Your Financial Reality

What is the story that you attach to money?

Listen to your conversation when the subject of money is raised in your circle of influence.

Money Is Made In Your Mind: How to Change Your Money Mindset

Do you complain about the bills?

Do you whinge about the cost of living?

Do you constantly find yourself saying that you can’t afford it, or that it is too expensive?

Or are you discussing the next deal that you are involved in?

Are you focussing on the possibilities rather than the problems?

Are you unwinding the solutions rather than rehearsing the difficulties faced?

When you see someone driving by in their red Ferrari, what is the discussion going on in your mind?

‘He must be doing drugs. Honest people don’t drive vehicles like that.’

Or do you ask the question – ‘How can I meet that person and learn from them how they have made their money?’

Each of us have a story attached to money. Some are success stories and others are stories of disaster or missed opportunities.

May I suggest one thing?

It’s Time To Rewrite Your Money Story

What do you feel you can earn? Ten thousand dollars? One hundred thousand dollars? One million dollars? Ten million dollars? One hundred million dollars? A billion? In your lifetime? In ten years? Next year?

Why not?

Why not you?

What financial vehicle are you going to use to achieve this?

Your job? Just Off Broke? Not likely.

A business?




The Internet?

How soon do you want to see it manifested?

Now stop seeking the quick fix as so many are.

However, once you correct your psychology you will be amazed how quickly prosperity will appear before you.

Say today – ‘I will rewrite my story about money!’

But remember this that even though strategy is important, psychology and what you think about money is crucial.

Choose your story consciously. Don’t wait for life to catch your attention in the form of a feather, a brick or even a truck. Choose your story today, and once you have established your story – then it’s time to show up.

Today is the day to apply massive action.

Procrastination has no place in the life of the successful.

Every year your story needs to get better. So now is the time to begin.


What are you fearful of? Getting rich? Or becoming like those whom you have associated with in the past who were rich and who were not nice people?

Let’s get it straight.

There are poor people who are nice and there are poor people who are not so nice. The reverse is true. There are nice rich people and there are not so nice rich people.

Decide to be nice. Decide to be rich.

How will this happen?

Here are five important steps on the road to unbelievable wealth…

  • Pursue new knowledge and tools. Yes it will require an investment that may max your credit card or empty your bank account. Pay the price.
  • Apply new learnings. If what you have been doing in the past has not got you the rich results you want, then you need to learn something of a higher and better use.
  • Get quality feedback and coaching. Attach yourself to a rich expert.
  • Use spaced repetition. Do it again and again and again until you are an expert.
  • Immerse yourself fully. Don’t attempt anything with a half hearted attitude. Massive action is required.

And remember this – that success is 80% psychology.

Rich thinking is where it begins and ends. So think rich.

Many thanks to Scott Harris for the inspiration.