How To Turn Your Mess Into A Powerful Message

How To Turn Your Mess Into Your Message

Pain is something that we would all like to avoid. My wife often says that if God had created men to bear children, there wouldn’t be any – children that is.

How To Turn Your Mess Into A Powerful Message

She’s not wrong. I’m living proof of this fact. When our first child was being born, amidst the battlefield of muck and blood, a nurse brought a glass of water for my wife, but I drank it.

Let’s face it. Tests are sent to test us. Sorry about stating the obvious. We all have tests that we must face in life. And they’re nothing like the tests we faced at school. They can come in the form of sickness, financial challenges, marital hiccups, or even through the loss of loved ones to that insidious event called death.

But the good news is this. We can turn any test into a testimony. And the good book states that ‘there is power in the word of our testimony’.

Another Story Unfolds

As a writer of motivational books I often tell my friends, when I’ve gone through yet another testing moment, ‘Well there’s another story for my next book.’

I have learnt, that for every test I face – and pass – there is a new found testimony that I share with others to encourage them to endure and overcome whatever test they may be facing at the time. Hence the power in the word of our testimony. And the power is often found in the way it empowers others to win.

Then there is the mess. A preacher once explained it this way. God takes our mess, and then if you add a little more age to the equation – you’ll end up with a great message.

The Power Of Your Story

People want to hear your story. They want to know of the challenges that you’ve experienced and overcome.

So don’t despise the test or the mess – because you may just have been given the opportunity of creating a great testimony along with a message that you can share in person or through social media or even in your own personal Blog.

This in itself is a power that will encourage others to be the very best that they can possible become.