How To Get Ahead By Getting Out Of Bed

Things That Make Getting Out of Bed Easier

This post was inspired by David Wright who shared with me that the motivational quote that changed his life was the one that his dad told him, and I’m sure he heard it more than once, and that was ‘Get out of bed!‘

How To Get Ahead By Getting Out Of Bed

There have been days in my life where I didn’t want to get out of bed. Now as a teenager it was understandable with all the late nights that I chalked up throughout my socially active young life. But as I moved on and into adulthood there we many reasons that I needed to get up from my bed. One was the need to eat, quickly followed by the need to support a family and to build a future with both my career and my business.

One thing that I learnt early on was that if you wanted good things to happen in your life then you had to get up and make things happen.

What to do if you feel you cannot get out of bed

But even though that is the case, our bed, or the place that we rest our body, plays an important role in our life.

So let’s have a closer look at it.

  1. Bed Is For Recharge

My sleeping patterns have changed throughout the years, though the twelve years that I learnt the piano and practiced before school each day instilled in me the discipline of rising early.

These days I am very often in bed by 9.00pm and find myself rising between 4.30am and 5.00am the next morning. That generally supplies me with between 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, enough to recharge and refresh me for the following day.

Sleep is a wonderful healer, and since I have put a layer of magnets between me and my bed surface, the increased circulation of my blood, as the magnets draw on the iron in my blood, removes any aches and pains that I might have had before going to bed.

Personally I cannot lie in bed once I’m awake. For that reason I am generally up and at it before the sun has risen and the kookaburras have had a chance to welcome another day with their chorus of laughter.

There a times – from time to time, during the day, when I sense tiredness overtaking my body, and that is when I allow myself to take a siesta, but endeavor to keep those periods to one hour at most. I have learnt to listen to my body with the passing of the years.

When I was on the road selling, I would often pull up under a tree in my car for a short power nap. To ensure it was short I would set my alarm in my phone to wake me in plenty of time for my meeting. These naps filled me with a fresh burst of energy that positioned me to effectively conduct the sales meeting and make another sale.

  1. Bed Is Not For Escape

There have been times in my life where I have battled with an onslaught of depression. Often I would resort to my bed and sleep during the day in order to ward off the negative thoughts and situations that I was facing at the time.

That’s when I’d often hear my wife say what David’s dad said to him – ‘Get out of bed!’ Thank God for dads and wives. Obediently I would drag myself out of the confines of my bed and face whatever I was facing – and go again.

It didn’t take long though to realise that after waking from this kind of sleep I often felt worse than before. Nothing had changed since I’d escaped.

The only time that things ever changed for the positive in my life was when I took decisive action. This was never going to happen while I sulked in my bed. I had to get up and get on if I was ever to get ahead.

  1. Be Transformed From Bedlam To Bedazzled

It has been my experience, through the ups and downs of life, that the only thing that will get me ahead is to get out of bed.

I can dream about it. I can prolong it. I can procrastinate. I can delay. I can make excuses. I can play the blame game. I can whinge. I can whine.


I can rise from my bedlam and bedazzle my peers, my family, and myself by taking action. It all arises from devising a plan and then working that plan.

Will you get it right the first time?


Recently, in the pursuit of publication of some of my book manuscripts, it has required me to endure over one hundred rejection letters from literary agents, constant rewrites, listening to mentors, purchasing of materials from the other side of the world, picking myself up time and time again with positive affirmations to finally see a small breakthrough in the pursuit of some of my current goals.

Staying in bed would have achieved nothing.

It has meant early morning vigils in local coffee shops, persistent effort and a whole lot of action to move closer to the fulfillment of my aim to become an internationally recognized best-selling author in the personal development field.

So let me challenge you to bedazzle. Run from bedlam. Recharge, but don’t lay down in defeat.

You can do it. You can achieve all that you were born to achieve if you choose to get ahead by getting up and out of bed.

Don’t simply roll out of bed. Spring out of bed ready to face another incredible day of possibility and adventure in the pursuit of your dreams – because dreams do come true.

From bedhead to get ahead!