How to Escape The Prison of Your Mind

A mind must be refreshed or recharged by the washing of fresh insight and cleansed by the river of wisdom that flows through our thinking

As the waters wash the drought–stricken earth I am reminded of the need for a regular cleansing of the dirt, the cobwebs, the debris left from past fire, storms and the decay of misuse that so often clutters a mind. A mind must be refreshed or recharged by the washing of fresh insight and cleansed by the river of wisdom that flows through our thinking, if we are to be all that we’ve been created to be.

How to Escape The Prison of Your Mind

A slight sprinkle is insufficient. A scattered shower inadequate. At times it requires a full onslaught of flooding rains to remove the clogged channel that we have allowed to stifle our thinking and suppress our thoughts – for it is the BIG THOUGHT that will lead directly to the BIG LIFE.

For As A Man Thinks…
For as a man thinks, so is he in his heart. But thoughts are as seeds, and once planted must be nurtured and cared for as a mother cares for a baby.

For there are many evil forces at work in this world that would seek to squander, distrust or destroy that thought, so as to keep you enchained and in bondage in the jail of mediocrity.

It is a foul prison this one – for within its walls you find yourself surrounded by the commands of mankind. Those names, though to most are non-offensive, are in fact deadly. Those who accept such names as the norm face the death penalty of a life lived below its potential. These names are ordinary, commonplace, middling, normal, indifferent, tolerable, passably fair and run of the mill. These are your companions in the prison we call So–So.

Where is So-So?
And where geographically positioned is this prison So-So?

It is at every turn and around every corner. It is a place of despair yet quiet desperation. Its chains are seemingly invisible and yet powerful – holding back and holding like no other form of restraint ever created by man – for these are the chains of the mind where hooks penetrate the dreams and torture the hope of every human being if left to their own devices. They are as slithery servants sliding secretly into the crevices of our wishes and desires, and without warning they have enwrapped themselves about those precious commodities that give life to a human soul.

Little by little they begin squeezing – tightening their hold as we feed them with our negative words – for it is those words that give them the sustenance and reinstate their power.

This prison of So-So in the land of By-and-By are places to be despised and places to be avoided. For their whole mechanism is to entrap the human race, to shatter the human dream and confront the human mind so that lack of achievement becomes an accepted entity.

We Need The Refreshing Rain
And that my friend is why we need the rain – for following the rain of faith, hope and love comes the flood. This is the flood of excellence, greatness, victory and triumph. And in its path all previous entanglements and restraints are washed away in the rush of positivity. They cannot withstand the power and the purpose of the flow.

But this flood is not reliant on outward forces alone – for they must be engendered from within. For the spring of life bubbles from deep within your very being. Its source is so deep that no man has yet discovered or unveiled its exact positioning. It is the heart of man. It is that part of you that if treated with tender care, will sustain you throughout life’s affections and afflictions and keep you from ever being stranded in the prison of So-So.

Tend to your heart today by immersing yourself into the flow produced by the refreshing rain.