The Life Of The Possibilist: Why the world needs Possibilists

Possibilism: An Approach to Problem‐Solving

‘I’m neither an optimist nor a pessimist, but a possibilist.’ Max Lerner

Anything’s possible if you believe it to be possible. All you need is an idea. And once you have the idea, the courage to initiate that idea, and the tenacity to stick with that idea until you see the seed of that idea shoot through the dirt surface of impossibility. Then comes the period where you will need to water and fertilize that idea until the day finally arrives when you get to harvest the fruit of that idea.

The Life Of The Possibilist: Why the world needs Possibilists

But amidst that whole process, you continue to live for the day that you can finally reap the rewards for your effort. You live for the possibility, because you are a possibilist.

But what are some of the characteristics of such a person?

  1. A Possibilist Always Speaks Possible Words

The vocabulary of a possibilist is vastly different to the impossibilist. Their words are at all times positive and uplifting. And if there is nothing good to be said, then they have learnt the art of holding their tongue. They choose to speak of what will be in a positive manner, no matter how opposite the present circumstances seem. They speak of the future in a good light, and they speak of the present in the same way. They see and declare the light in the darkness, and always speak hope into the lives of others.

  1. A Possibilist Always Acts As Though All Things Are Possible

When you watch a possibilist walk by, they will be dressed for success, and the most appealing feature about them will be the way they carry themselves, and the smile on their face. They are confident. They groom themselves. They stand tall. They talk bold. They seek out conversation with others. They encourage. They uplift. They walk swiftly, as if they are going somewhere important. They speak good words to and about others. They are a possibilist.

  1. A Possibilist Surrounds Themselves With Like Minded Possibilists

The possibilist is extremely selective as to whom he will pull into his or her confidence. In public they will talk to all who come across their path, but in private they will choose to surround themselves only with those who will add to their possibilist thinking. Only those who speak positive words are brought into their company. Only those who think big and act big. Quite often the possibilist will put themselves into the company of those who are far more successful than themselves – for this is where they can learn and grow in their possibilist ways.

So choose to be a possibilist. You can become one in an instant by first choosing to think only possible thoughts, then by beginning to act with the qualities of the possibilist, and by also seeking out those whom you have identified as fellow possibilists.